Shane Jordan Explains Why Dreaming Big But Taking Small Steps is a Path to Success

Shane Jordan

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency.

People have a deep-seated thirst for success. From the dawn of humankind, people have competed with and amongst themselves to be better, stronger, and faster and to build and improve the world around them. Without that thirst, humans would probably still be living in caves and gathering plants to survive instead of living in the technologically advanced world we live in today.

Even though many people are lulled by the comfort of today’s world, they still dream every day and night about how they will become better versions of themselves and make huge breakthroughs in their careers and lives.

However, not many people achieve what they set out to do. Why is that? According to Shane Jordan, talk is always cheap, while taking action is expensive, and sometimes success can be really costly. He believes that not many people are willing to pay the often exorbitant prices that success requires, and he says that is the main reason why, for most people, their dream stays just a dream.

Twenty or so years ago, the now-renowned author, musician, and actor Shane Jordan was stuck in that same rut. He wanted success badly but taking the first step was much harder than he anticipated. At the time, Jordan was already a part of the entertainment industry, working as a promoter for an incredible roster of megastars, including Whitney Houston, Bono Vox and U2, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, and more.

Young Jordan took a liking to the glam, thrills, and rewards offered by the entertainment industry and started dreaming about his own career under the spotlight. However, as Jordan points out, being young and gay in any industry back then wasn’t something people welcomed with open arms. He adds that the fight with inner demons was long and exhausting, but in the end, the dream of becoming a widely known musician and author prevailed.

“Being in the entertainment business for 20 years taught me a lot. I started at a young age when being gay was not always acceptable. Overcoming that challenge wasn’t easy, but I managed to find my place there. My dream was my guiding star, but I also managed to find my ‘tribe,’ the like-minded people who support equality and love people for who they are,” says Shane Jordan.

Thanks to his hard work and persistence over the past 20 years, Shane Jordan has achieved a lot, or as he likes to say, even more than he hoped for. Today, Shane Jordan is a freelance writer for Advocate and Huffington Post, and he served on Hillary Clinton’s Finance Team during her presidential run against Donald Trump in 2016. Next on the list of achievements is becoming a bestselling author in 2020 thanks to writing the National Bestselling humor book “Wear the Damn Mask” from Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster that debuted #2 on Nielsen BookScan, as well as earning a People’s Choice Webby Award for Best Internet Content.

Even though Shane Jordan only recently opened this new chapter of his life, he has no intention of slowing down anytime soon; he has many future plans to bring to life. Jordan is already working on another book with co-author Rick Hendrix that will have Izzy the Frenchie, his famous dog, as the main character. On top of that, he plans to release a series of NFT’s with Izzy’s face and name on them in collaboration with Animal Concerts.

As Shane Jordan points out, these are just small steppingstones that lead toward realizing his dream. “Dream big and take small steps” is Jordan’s recipe for success. “Work hard and be persistent in practical terms. Make a list of what success looks like for you. Decide what you want your life to look like in five to ten years, then start small with attainable goals that will get you to where you want to be. Know your worth and keep striving to get what you want. Moreover, when someone gives you a no, do not stop!” says Jordan.

“People like to be deep inside their comfort zone no matter how much they want to achieve something, and a simple ‘no’ can easily throw you off of your path,” Jordan continues. “But being comfortable won’t ever bring you a step closer to success. Not even an inch. That’s why you first need to conquer your mind and your fears before you can go on to conquer the world.”

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