Sutton Foster on Her Love of Animals, Helping Rescue Dogs, and Her Best Advice

TV Land "Younger" Season 4 Premiere Party, New York, USA - 27 Jun 2017 Sutton Foster attends TV Land's "Younger" season 4 premiere party at Mr. Purple, in New York 27 Jun 2017

Actress Sutton Foster loves her dogs. As the proud dog mom to two rescue dogs, Mabel and Brody, Foster knows what it’s like when you can give a dog a forever home. That’s one reason why the actress wanted to team up with Autotrader in honor of National Dog Day, which was celebrated on August 26.

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Foster partnered with Autotrader to help bring more attention to pet adoptions and how people can support rescue dogs and animals. As part of the campaign, Autotrader has created special edition custom Dog Goggles in limited supply, and they will be available for people to enter for a chance to win on starting August 22 through September 12.

As part of the campaign, Autotrader will be donating funds to, which helps get homeless dogs out of shelters and into homes. Foster, who grew up around the auto industry and has a huge love for pets, was excited to team up for this project. 

“I’ve teamed up with Autotrader to celebrate National Dog Day,” Foster said. “ It’s a cause near and dear to my heart. In honor of the holiday, Autotrader just released their list of the Best Cars for Dog Lovers, and it’s extremely helpful for dog parents. I’m currently on the hunt for my next family friendly vehicle and specifically looking for options that are best suited for both my daughter and dogs.”

Foster spoke with us about her love of animals, working with Autotrader on the campaign, her best advice, and more. 

How has it been working with Autotrader and partnering on this collaboration?

It’s been great! Autotrader is truly a brand that speaks to me – they are a brand with the largest selection of vehicle options, making it easier to find the right car for your lifestyle; which as a busy working mom is something I really appreciate. Not only that, but this year Autotrader created a trendy accessory just for pups – Dog Goggles! They’re giving away a limited quantity of Dog Goggles to consumers ONLY on now through 9/12. They’re made specifically for dogs and are designed to keep dogs safe and stylish while traveling in the car, with the windows down.

How did you first become so passionate about animals? What are some ways people can get involved?

In 1997 I did a production of Annie on Broadway with the late great Nell Carter. I met an amazing man, Bill Berloni, who was the dog trainer for Sandy in the production. In fact he trained the original Sandy in the very first production of Annie on Broadway. And since then if you ever see and dog or an animal in a Broadway show, touring show or regional show – chances are Bill Berloni trained them. And almost every dog you see is a rescue! He rescues dogs and turns them into Broadway stars! So I always knew that when I was ready to be a dog mom I was going to adopt. Bill helped me find my first dog Linus. And when he passed away in 2014 Bill helped me adopt Mabel and then two years later Brody. I cannot imagine my life without my dogs and I’m so happy we found each other through adoption. There are so many dogs and pets out there looking for their forever home.

What are you most excited about working with Autotrader and bringing the Dog Goggles to people?

I can’t wait to see all of the dogs wearing these Dog Goggles. I love a good doggy costume, but what’s great is that these are useful for when you’re riding around with your pup with the windows down. I have pairs for both Mabel and Brody and they are really loving them.

How can people get involved with and get a pair of the Dog Goggles? 

Visit now through 9/12 and enter for your chance to win a pair – that’s it! What’s also really cool is that in part of the program, Autotrader will donate funds to to get homeless dogs out of shelters and into loving homes.

What’s your favorite part of having your dog’s Mabel and Brody?

They are both incredibly affectionate. They are currently both cuddled in my lap. Brody loves to play fetch with his ball and Mabel is an excellent set dog. But mostly I just love hearing the little patter or their feet around the house. And also knowing that I’ll never have to vacuum around the highchair – they are excellent little hoovers.

What’s something people should know that they might not expect when thinking about adopting a dog?

Like with any responsibility you should take your time. And also don’t be afraid to adopt an older dog. Something that I’d like to do someday is adopt senior dogs. You don’t have to adopt a puppy.

What have you enjoyed most about working on Younger over these years and getting to play the same character?

It truly has been an amazing job. The cast is so incredible and we’ve all grown so close. It’s a happy, happy set. It’s been great to grow with a character and also watch and play a character evolve over so many seasons.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be an asshole.

Where’s your favorite place to travel? Anywhere you’d still like to go?

Favorite place is probably New Zealand. I’d also love to go to Alaska, Greece, India, and Africa.

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