‘The Everyday Warrior’ Is Your Guide to a Life of Purpose, Impact, and Success

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Everyday Warrior

Did you know that more than 15,000 self-help books will hit store shelves in 2023? That means it won’t be long until the self-proclaimed gurus, who claim to have it all figured out, start releasing their latest books promising overnight success and happiness. Which begs the question, why do these authors release new books each year if their previous advice works?

The truth is that nobody has it all figured out, and that’s the starting point of The Everyday Warrior: A No Hack, Practical Approach to Life, the new book by retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille.

If you’re wondering what makes this book so different, the answer is—everything! While other books offer shortcuts, The Everyday Warrior tells readers that success requires hard work, commitment, and resilience. Instead of platitudes and clichés, Sarraille provides actionable steps to help you build positive habits, achieve personal growth, and take accountability—if you’re willing to do the work.

This inspiring, thought-provoking read uses practical advice, relatable stories, and well-research strategies to help people cultivate a positive mindset and bring about meaningful change. Its conversational tone makes The Everyday Warrior engaging to read, and Sarraille’s ability to speak to the daily struggles and challenges we all face is a welcome surprise. From work and relationships to personal growth and self-care, the book covers a wide range of relevant topics for anyone looking to live a more fulfilling, meaningful, and balanced life.

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In the chapter on resilience, Sarraille offers incredible insight into the importance of failure in achieving success. At a time when many authors and thought leaders promote the toxic idea that failure is a weakness or unacceptable, Sarraille candidly shares setbacks and failures from his own life. The level of honesty and vulnerability he displays throughout the book, but especially in this chapter, is rare in today’s world of polished personal brands.

The caliber of people recommending this book is impressive, including those who’ve reached the pinnacle of success in business, entertainment, and sports. Rock star Sammy Hagar called The Everyday Warrior “a motivational and inspiring guide to overcoming life’s failures, setbacks, and obstacles….” The legendary Terry Bradshaw said, “[it’s] a refreshing change from the status quo and an honest look into what it takes to succeed. What sets champions apart is that they understand that failure is part of success; each time they fall, they get back up smarter and more determined. [Sarraille] not only gets that, but he shows readers how to develop the mindset of a champion—better yet, a warrior.”

Now available on Amazon, The Everyday Warrior is for those looking for a motivational and empowering read, those who want to make positive changes, and those interested in learning the framework for achieving any goal. Far more than a book you’ll read once and stick up on a shelf, it’s a guide that’ll have you highlighting, taking notes, and referencing it time and again. While it’s natural to want to find quick fixes for problems, the truth is that lasting change takes time and effort. If you’re ready to put in the work and achieve your goals, The Everyday Warrior is for you.

Mike Sarraille is donating 50 percent of the book’s profits to help the families of America’s fallen heroes, with 25 percent supporting the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and 25 percent supporting Folds of Honor. Both nonprofits have 501(c)3 status.

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