The Guy Ritchie Seal of Approval

Guy Ritchie, center, directing a scene of King Arthur: Legend of the SwordDaniel Smith / Warner Bros.

Each month we catch up with a man of influence to help us find new apps, gadgets, books, and booze to try. Here, Guy Ritchie, the director of this month’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, tells us about a few of his favorite new discoveries.

Audio: I love how Dan Carlin dissects and analyzes historical events with his podcast Hardcore History. He does it in a way that’s so informed yet humble, and it makes history interesting.


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Spirits: Right now I’m into Mortlach 16 [single-malt]. It’s fucking good. I have a discerning palate, and I quite like a sweeter whisky like this. I’m a big Scotch drinker. It gets very expensive very quickly, but the truth is you don’t drink shit whisky if you’ve got any self-respect.

Transport: I recently rode an electric bike for the first time, a Haibike XDuro FatSix, and it’s fucking genius — the perfect balance between some form of exercise and artificial assistance. They’re quiet, and if you reach a fence, you can chuck your bike over, unlike a motorbike.

Cutlery: I do a lot of knife-porning on Instagram. Last month I stumbled across Blok Knives and ordered a whole set, and I’m impressed. They’re carbon steel. Good handles. Not lazy. Knives become infinitely more interesting when you’re into cooking meat.

TV: I like The Crown. I very much liked the writer Peter Morgan and his objective perspective of Imperial England — it’s smart, witty, elegant, and refreshing. I love Jared Harris, who’s the King, but I’ve got to say I’m just very impressed with the whole series. It’s quality.

Books: I’d recommend Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill. It’s an interview with the devil, and at the time it was written it was considered to be too controversial to publish. Read it and you’ll understand why. It’s mad as a snake and worth it.

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