The New Sci-Fi Podcast You Should Be Listening to This Spring

The Habitat Podcast
Courtesy Gimlet Media

For eight months in 2015, six volunteer scientists lived in a dome at the foot of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano, pretending to be on a long-term mission to Mars, to see how such a trip might affect astronauts of the future. The team had to conduct experiments, don spacesuits whenever they left the dome, and endure 20-minute delays in radio communications, just as they would if actually 34 million miles away. The crack team at Gimlet Media got hold of the audio diaries that the team recorded during the experiment and whittled them down into a new serialized podcast called “The Habitat.” Imagine Real World with nerds instead of sloshed coeds and more science than spray tans. —J.R. Sullivan

You can listen to “The Habitat” starting April 18.

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