The Rock’s Instagram is the Internet’s Great Motivational Tool

I swear I'm not a lazy person. The annoying little ringtone on my iPhone goes off and I get up around 5:30 just about every morning to start trying to get my day together. Some mornings I spend getting work done, others I find myself sitting there in the dark just scrolling through whatever people had to say on Twitter at 3 in the morning, and about four days during the work week, I make it to the gym. That last part, however, takes a little extra motivation. Sometimes it's too cold, other days too hot; sometimes it's raining, others I just want to spend the time playing with my dog. Some days I don't want to go to the gym, and those are the days when I turn to the single greatest motivator in the world: The Rock. 

Sadly, Dwayne Johnson and I are not friends. I saw him leave a bar once, surrounded by a few bodyguards who were tiny compared to him. Some women screamed his name as he ducked into an SUV, and in true Rock fashion, he popped his head back out and gave them the People's Eyebrow. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I don't get to call him up and say, "Yo, Rock, I need some motivation," or anything like that; I just go check out his Instagram, and I realize that The Rock has already been at the gym for the last two hours and I'm sitting in my pajamas watching Married… with Children reruns. I am wasting my damn time. I need to cut that out. 

The Rock is one of my heroes. I realize that some people think a 30-something dude proclaiming that they look up to another human might seem childish, like how some think an adult man crying is weird or attempting to eat pizza for every meal isn't the greatest idea that anybody has ever come up with. But I don't care what those people think. I've been watching The Rock since he made his WWE debut; I liked him when he was Rocky Maivia and other fans weren't so hot on him. I loved him in the Nation of Domination, think he was the perfect heel in his days with The Corporation; loved him as the shit-talking good guy, and the cocky bad guy, and I'll go see any movie he's in because even if I don't think the premise is that great, I know he will give a good performance. I'm a total Rock mark, and that's fine. I'm totally cool with that. 

His Instagram, however, is a different story. I know the whole background tale of his life, how he moved around a lot as a kid, how he never had much money, all the work he put into making the Miami Hurricanes football team, all the work he put into being a professional wrestler like his dad, and all the work he's put into being arguably the biggest action star in the world today. I know there's working hard, and then there's The Rock's version of working hard, and I don't think many humans can put in that level of working hard and have those kinds of results come out. For that, I look at The Rock and think about how that's the kind of human we should all emulate. But when I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go spend an hour doing sprints on the treadmill followed up by push-ups (then repeat), or I don't feel like jogging, or hitting the kettlebells, or whatever I've got planned, then I just go to his Instagram. 

445am and #OperationJunkyardDog is in full effect. Gotta be mean and nasty as a junkyard dog with this wild, long and hard 12months straight of shooting now of BALLERS, BAYWATCH, FAST & FURIOUS 8 and the big one, RAMPAGE. Every production has its own unique heartbeat and energy – since these projects span our Hollywood studios landscape – Time Warner/HBO, Paramount, Universal and New Line/Warner Bros our productions days are going to ebb and flow with ups and downs, but like with any success we all work extremely hard for – consistency will always be the key. We can't control everything (though I try 'cause I'm a maniac;), but we can always control how on top of our game and prepared we're going to be when it's time to rock and roll. #LetsShoot #OperationJunkyardDog #12MonthsStraight #AndCurlsForTheGirls ???? ?

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The Internet, for the most part, is a garbage dump of bad news and people saying really horrible things about each other. The Rock's Instagram, however, is like one long motivational speech. The dude seems genuinely grateful of all his fans and success, and also like he's having the best time ever. That's really refreshing. He hangs out with sick kids, he dresses up with his dog, and makes pancakes. But most of all, he hangs out at the gym, from what I gathered, he does that every single day of the week, and while I'm never going to make my pile of stocky, Eastern European genes look anything like his perfect 6'5 physique, seeing that he's at the gym at 3:30 a.m. is enough of a kick in the ass for me to remember that if I don't go to the gym today, I might not go tomorrow. If that becomes a pattern, then all sorts of bad things could follow, so I'd better try a little harder to be more like The Rock right now. 

Why does The Rock's Instagram work so well? Simple. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and a friend's freshly divorced dad pulled a Kevin Spacey in American Beauty and turned part of the garage into his weight room and plastered it with posters of 1990s swimsuit models alongside posters of classic Mustangs and Corvettes. When I asked him why he put all of those posters up, he told me something that has always stuck with me: "It's not easy to get motivated." He pointed at a picture of Cindy Crawford. "She gets me motivated." 

Now The Rock doesn't get me motivated in quite the same way I think my friend's dad was motivated, but I get what he was saying. I get that he thought that if he worked out enough that maybe his 45-year-old body would look good enough for one of the most beautiful women in the world. Looking at The Rock's Instagram, for me, is motivation because he is so motivated, and I want to be like that. I know I'm not going to get the same results as he does, I know I'm probably never going to do just about anything that The Rock does (although I did drunkenly once convince a friend to let me hit him with a Rock Bottom. That didn't turn out too well), but just seeing him do what he does on a daily basis makes me think I need to try just a little bit harder at the gym, and really just in general. 

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