The Story of FlyBLACK Jets and its CEO & President, Sami Belbase and Suman Desai


Written in partnership with Darby Jones.

FlyBLACK Jets is the most popular service for chartering private flights. With their highly valuable and user-friendly app, Sami Belbase and Suman Desai, CEO & President respectively, are helping avid travelers book and make use of private flights.  

While celebrities often post photos of themselves on private jets, many people do not realize that they do not own these planes. Belbase and Desai are proud to help non-famous people realize that they also can have access to this luxurious and convenient opportunity with the FlyBLACK Jets app. FlyBLACK Jets have made chartering a private jet as easy as it is to order an Uber.

Belbase and Desai are passionate about facilitating private jet experiences for individuals who travel often but typically fly commercial precisely because of how the service can help make these travelers’ lives easier. 

FlyBLACK Jets travelers can take advantage of the private jet company’s flexibility. Travelers are able to make last-second adjustments to their trip if need be. The ability to change one’s flight time and airport due to unforeseen circumstances is incredibly valuable to any individual traveling for business or pleasure.

Additionally, travelers can save time with FlyBLACK Jets as many of the private airports the company uses allows individuals to pull up to the plane directly by driving their car on the tarmac. In these instances, the valet service puts the luggage on the plane and looks after the car. Further helping travelers maximize their time, FlyBLACK Jets fliers can avoid the long security lines of commercial flights. 

Not only are travelers able to save time by avoiding these security lines, but they are also able to keep their privacy as they are not subject to the traditional body scanners, metal detectors, and carry-on bag scans.  

Of course, FlyBLACK Jets is beloved by its customers partially because they are able to provide this valuable and luxurious service at a fraction of its competitors’ rates.

As the company was founded in 2019 and has a consumer-facing app, FlyBLACK Jets is in the technology and data game as much as it is in the private flight game. Belbase and Desai have been able to further carve out a niche for themselves and their company because of their user data as much as because of their chartering business. ‘

FlyBLACK Jets priceless consumer data accumulated on the company’s app is pushing the company, as well as the private flight industry, to new heights. The FlyBLACK Jets team understands that it behooves them to continue to invest in its app’s user experience because they know that as more of their customers use the app for their private flight service, the company receives more valuable data.

With access to this data about hyper-specific consumer behavior, Belbase and Desai have brilliantly positioned the company for a successful future regardless of what the market holds.

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