The Works of Jim Harrison

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In the late-nineties and early aughts Jim Harrison was a frequent contributor to the magazine. Terry McDonnell, who edited Men’s Journal in those years shares one recent memory:

“Not that long ago Jim Harrison emailed that he wanted to make another trip to France, where he was always happy to find himself ‘diverted by the landscape.’ He continued: ‘And may I recommend that you watch that Werner Herzog film about the cave down in Chauvet full of ancient art. I am hoping to find another cave all of my own, hopefully with cases of great wine in it.’

It reminded me of editing him at Men’s Journal, where his road trips were shot through with swirls of birds and Rimbaud and where to get the best fried bologna sandwiches. He was already recognized as a writer of genius for his novels and novellas and the films that came with them. That didn’t matter as much as his brilliance as a poet reflected in every sentence in his carefulness with language: ‘You lynched my baby,’ he told me once, over an editing mistake. He lifted the magazine with every piece. Go back and find them. Read them all.” 

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