This Year’s Most Exciting Sequel? ‘Planet Earth II’

Remember when BBC blessed our screens with the most comprehensive, critically acclaimed nature documentary in history? It's hard to believe it was 10 years ago when Planet Earth blew our collective minds, but it's true — and just in time for a sequel. Yes, Planet Earth II is here, and after watching the trailer, we couldn't be more excited.

Set to premiere in November, Planet Earth II will be comprised of six 50-minute episodes that immerse audiences in extraordinary environments and following the animals — from swimming sloths to leaping leopards — within them.

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The original Planet Earth made history as the first nature documentary to be shot in HD (which also contributed to its record of being the most expensive documentary ever created), and now, with even selfie videos being shot in HD, Planet Earth II ups the ante again by recording everything in 8K ultra-high definition. So will we be tuning in next month? Stunning visuals, David Attenborough's voice, that trailer — what do you think.

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