Tom Hardy Transforms Into Venom and Battles Villains in New, Action-Packed Trailer

Venom poster
Sony Entertainment/Marvel

Tom Hardy is locked in a battle for his body.

The newest trailer for Venom gives fans their longest look at the antihero yet, revealing the struggle that journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy) is going through after being infected by an alien parasite.

Tom Hardy in the Venom film

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The film follows Hardy’s Brock as he investigates the mysterious Life Foundation, run by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), a scientist who thinks that the future of the world will be defined by human-symbiote hybrids. After a brush with one of Drake’s experiments, Brock starts hearing voices. Before long, he’s transforming into the muscular, monstrous Venom.

This trailer shows off more action and hints at a major battle to come with more alien symbiotes, including Riot—the transformed version of Drake. There are some quick shots of Brock’s girlfriend Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), but this trailer is all about Venom.

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Many fans worried that the film wouldn’t be able to depict the alien symbiote quite right, but based on this trailer, the antihero’s look won’t be a problem in this movie—it looks real, and pretty terrifying. Here’s the new trailer:

Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer, will be released on October 5, 2018.

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