Top 5 Cannabis Companies in 2022

Top 5 Cannabis Companies in 2022

Written in partnership with Nick Kasmik.

In a cannabis market that’s becoming highly saturated, five companies managed to stay ahead of the fray in 2022. Learn about the five cannabis companies at the top of their game in 2022:

Nectar Wellness

Young as it may be, Nectar Wellness has risen above its contemporaries since launching in 2021, thanks to the incredible quality of its Supercharged™ products. Backed by science and innovative strategies, the Supercharged™ recipe, which is infused in every one of Nectar Wellness’s products, effectively put an end to the modern customer’s search for quality and high standard THC and CBD products.

The winning idea behind Nectar Wellness is their unique, secret recipe for increasing energy at the molecular level, which enhances their customers’ focus, while relieving any pain and anxiety or more bang for your dollar on the recreational side. From vegan CBD gummies to THC vape cartridges, Nectar’s own Supercharged™ technology excites the molecules at a cellular level, which means the products are absorbed by the body more efficiently, for a better, longer lasting experience.

By combining years of formulation work with CBD, Technology and THC products, managing partners Allen/Mordini have established themselves as an authority on how cannabinoids can play a huge part in improving the average person’s mental health and physical wellness.

As the company further cements itself in 2023, Nectar Wellness continues its commitment not just to offering high quality and pure products, but also to promoting conversations around health and wellness, and the endocannabinoid system’s increasing role in it. That’s why all their product launches are supported and validated by empirical data.

Indeed, Nectar Wellness offers ‘an experience you can trust.’

Left Coast Extracts

Next up on our list is Left Coast Extracts, a company born out of a retired military man’s personal experience with medical cannabis.

Founder Coltin Barody had just finished a remarkable stint with the U.S. Navy when he experienced an incredible boost in his health and wellbeing, thanks to a doctor’s prescription for medical cannabis. So, along with his life partner and operations management professional, Alexandria Kometas, Barody formed Left Coast Extracts, hoping to spread the word on the benefits of high quality medical cannabis.

That was in 2014.

One major change that Left Coast Extracts had to navigate since then was the passage of Proposition 64, which legalized the recreational use of CBD. To keep up with the times, the founders decided to expand their product line, without abandoning their original mission of sharing the health and wellness benefits of medical cannabis.

Left Coast Extracts put its top-of-the-line facilities to work to produce its wide palette of flavors and above 95% THC diamonds, this time for both medical and recreational users. This resulted in an astronomical growth for the company, recording a projected $25 million in sales for 2022.

Today, you can’t go anywhere in California without finding yourself within a 15-mile radius of a Left Coast Extracts store or dispensary.

The company’s successful product line expansion and scaling efforts landed them a spot in this list, right as they look to hire 150 more team members to meet the ever-growing demand for ‘a little taste of the West Coast.’

King Palm

Over the past decade, the cannabis industry became flooded with synthetic cartridges, tobacco wraps, and chemical-filled products — all a deviation from when our ancestors would rely on all-natural products and ingredients for their cigars.

In a mission to bring back the tradition of smoking high-quality, homemade rolls, King Palm was established in 2016. The company quickly grew a loyal fanbase for their handmade, all-natural leaf wraps, which feature their pride and joy, the Cordia palm leaf. This leaf produces a slow, smooth burn when smoked, which even celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Swae Lee can’t help but gush about.

But just because King Pam is all about tradition and nature, doesn’t mean their products don’t go through a rigorous process of development and innovation.

Case in point: each one of King Palm’s pre-rolled joints comes with a cornhusk filter, an unprecedented addition to the movement towards all-natural joint. And just recently, King Palm managed to take their filter game to the next level with the release of their flavored tips. The idea behind these tips is introducing flavors into the filters of your wrap, not in the wrap itself. The flavor is released by simply squeezing the filter to pop out sweet flavors to go with your slow-burning puff.

Additive-free, tobacco-free, and glue-free, the famous King Palm wrap continues to roll into mass appeal, especially with its introduction into the largest convenience chain on the planet: 7 Eleven.

Carter Creek Cannabis

Carter Creek Cannabis is not just in the business of selling cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. It’s also in the business of changing communities. See, Carter Creek Cannabis founder Slim had a tough start in the industry. As a teenager, he became an outlaw in his Oklahoma community for growing illegal weed for his friend’s father, and becoming a meth addict himself.

But Slim managed to turn his life around. He served his sentence for seven years, got clean, and didn’t look back after a judge gave him a chance to reintroduce himself to his community as a changed man.

Now, with the legalization of medical-use cannabis in Oklahoma by 2018, Slim found himself back to growing weed, this time legally. He tapped into his skills and experience to grow organic marijuana, and help farmers get started on the same path. What used to bring shame to his name is now his claim to gaining the respect of his community. Carter Creek Cannabis’s manufacturing plant is now the biggest of its kind in Oklahoma, a gigantic testament to its founder’s redemption story.

Today, Carter Creek distributes to about 400,000 individuals monthly, and is estimated to generate over $10 million in profit by year-end. Slim is now looking forward to launching new dispensaries by 2023, a development that’s expected to triple his revenues from this year.


For FOHSE founder Brett Stevens, cannabis products are only as good as the process with which they’re cultivated. That’s why the company has committed itself to being the leading manufacturer of high-performing LED lights for cannabis cultivation. Case in point: its signature A3i light produces 4,200 Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF), a light output so high and powerful, the closest competitor only puts out half of it.

Indeed, this company is living up to its name. After all, FOSHE stands for “Future of Horticulture Science and Engineering.” It’s also a phonetic reference to the Greek word “phos,” which means “light.” But apart from increasing cannabis yield by 30-60%, Fohse’s lighting fixtures and solutions are likewise designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient, both for commercial and home growers.

FOHSE has built lights for propagation, early flower, mothers, and veg — they’ve done it all. One thing this company will never do, though, is to send out their products to cultivators with just a “Good luck!” Brett says they value the company and its products’ integrity so much, they go the extra mile to make sure everyone who buys growing lights for them will have a successful harvest. May it be helping with genetics, SOPs, or just making the most out of their FOHSE lights, Brett’s team of engineers is there to roll the red carpet out.

With 2023 just around the corner, the five companies on our 2022 list of top cannabis companies are out to do bigger, greater things. Let us know who you’re watching out for the most!

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