‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer: Tom Cruise Trains the New Generation in ‘Top Gun 2’

Top Gun: Maverick / Paramount Pictures
Top Gun: Maverick / Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise is back in the pilot’s seat. Cruise returns as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the new Top Gun: Maverick trailer and he has a new generation of pilots to teach. That class of recruits include Miles Teller’s Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s deceased best friend “Goose” from the original Top Gun.

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The new film picks up a couple decades after the first film, with Maverick still working as a flight instructor and putting off a promotion, as it would keep him grounded and out of the skies. But now that a new class of pilots has stepped into the fold, it’ll be up to Maverick to teach them how to really fly—and not just manage drones like many officers do in the modern day.

The new platoon is tasked with a specialized mission, which pushes the pilots to learn on the fly—literally—and do things they’ve never done before. Cruise reportedly flew actual planes for the film and got an updated version of his classic Top Gun motorcycle for it, too. On top of that, original Top Gun star Val Kilmer is back for a role and Harold Faltermeyer has returned to update his Grammy-winning Top Gun score.

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Here’s a look at the new trailer:

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, who worked with Cruise on Oblivion, Cruise and Teller star alongside Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, and Ed Harris in the film.

Top Gun: Maverick will be released on June 26, 2020.

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