Toronto Cops Suspended After Eating Edibles on the Job

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Things got a little too real for two Toronto police officers during their shift on Sunday.

According to CBC News, officer Vittorio Dominelli and an unnamed partner took marijuana edibles and ended up hallucinating to the point that they felt it necessary to call for assistance. They were found in their squad car, taken to a hospital for treatment, and promptly suspended.

One of the officers who responded to his hallucinating comrades also suffered a head injury—but not because he was stoned. He slipped on ice while helping his toasted comrades, and also had to be treated at the hospital.

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Earlier in the weekend, the police had raided the Community Cannabis Clinic. Department sources have told the CBC they believe the edibles the officers took down came from this raid. It was not yet clear if the suspended officers had been a part of the clinic raid.

While the officers have been suspended, they have not been charged with anything pending a full investigation.



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