Trailer for the CrossFit Games Documentary Shows What the ‘Fittest on Earth’ Can Do

Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir were crowned champions of the 2015 CrossFit Games months earlier, but the new documentary Fittest On Earth 2015 will show you what it took to get there. "To be an athlete at the CrossFit Games, you have to be among the most disciplined and committed individuals on the planet," says Smith. After all of the crying, face plants in the sand, fainting, and bloody palms, he might have a point. There's a reason why they call the winner the "Fittest on Earth."

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Fittest On Earth 2015 takes you on the journey of both Smith and Davidsdottir, as well as diving into the experience of top competitors Mat Fraser, Sara Sigmundsdóttir. and Dan Bailey. Judging by lines like "Just be ready for your lungs to bleed," and "I'll die before I lose this workout," it's clear this isn't going to be your average sports documentary. If you need a little bit of extra motivation for those New Year's fitness resolutions, you can check out the full documentary on iTunes on February 23 — also just two days before the 2016 CrossFit Open begins.

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