Travis Hanson: Don’t Be Afraid of Risks – They Made Me a Multimillionaire

Travis Hanson

Written in partnership with Sam Donaldson.

Risks, new beginnings, and failures are just some of the many fears that bog down people, hindering their progress and shackling them to a place in life where they don’t want to be. Travis Hanson points out that only those who face their fears and overcome obstacles can expect a successful career and life. And to be successful at something, you first have to do it wrong.

Travis Hanson is unafraid of risk, failure, and new beginnings, which he has had many in his life. Before he became a successful entrepreneur and owner of nine companies, Hanson was a cop patrolling the streets of Salt Lake City.

After graduating high school with a 1.0 GPA, Hanson decided not to pursue further education but to become a police officer. As he explains, he had no one to lean on or to show him the way. “My dad has probably never made more than $20 an hour his entire life. He was a warehouse manager who retired at age 70 only to live on a fixed income.”

Hanson would have probably worked the same menial job for the rest of his life if he hadn’t met his now-wife and her brother. His wife came from a prosperous background and had an easier upbringing. At first, he didn’t mind, but the more he thought about life’s unfairness, the more he got triggered.

Although Hanson respects and loves his wife and brother-in-law, he says he felt frustrated because he didn’t have the same opportunities growing up. “They just had easier lives, growing up in a richer family than mine,” says Hanson. “I felt frustrated. Not because I was jealous but because I had to wait until that moment to realize a few things.”

In that moment of self-discovery, Hanson found motivation and drive to work more on himself and advance his career. Travis ended up attending the University of Utah and graduated with a 3.7 GPA.  He then went on to law school at Texas Tech University.

While in law school, Hanson discovered the world of real estate investing.  He bought his first handful of rental properties before even taking the bar exam.  Post law school, Hanson meticulously worked as a lawyer for eight years, and this is where he sank every extra cent he had into real estate.

Seeing the opportunity of getting more money on the side, Hanson took a chance, embraced the risks, and started buying properties. “That was my creative way of finding money, and I took my risks which paid off very well,” says Hanson, “I have always been thinking something big will come to my life. Since that happened, I’ve never stopped seeking bigger and bigger opportunities”

And it’s a good thing he never stopped, as today, Travis Hanson is a multimillionaire living a lax and luxurious life. Besides entrepreneurship and real estate investing, Hanson is also helping other people pursue their dreams of financial independence by selflessly sharing his knowledge on social media.

Travis Hanson points out that he owes his success to his drive, passion, and unwavering mindset. But also, to all of the challenges he faced along the way that led him to the success and luxury he enjoys today.

“The right mindset is just one part of the success recipe, as your mind keeps you focused on your goal,” he says. “The second part is the challenges and trials you must overcome. With each obstacle behind you, you are turning into a stronger, better, and smarter version, which brings you one more step closer to success.”  This is one of his main focus points in the Real Estate Investor Retreat Network (  To help new and seasoned investors build a network of fellow rockstar investors to share ideas, deals, knowledge, and influence.

Travis Hanson

In addition to his relentless mind, Hanson believes that the critical component to his success is not letting anything slip by him. That’s how he started following trends on social networks, where he’s now showing the ropes of the real estate business to those interested.

One of his most frequently mentioned lessons is handling risks and overcoming fears, especially when entering the real estate business. “People need to understand that the financial risk is not to be feared, and debt is not an enemy,” he says. “Overcoming this type of adversity is what makes or breaks an entrepreneur.”

As he points out, only when people realize how to leverage risk and fear in their favor will they be able to take complete control over their actions. When people have that, only the sky is the limit – in both business and life.


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