Tribal Music Group’s Empire of Record Labels Leads New Age of Distribution

Stan Wittenberg
Courtesy Stan Wittenberg

Music is an integral part of human culture, and its role in society has dramatically changed since the inception of records. A few decades ago, it was primarily a social experience, with friends or family gathering around to listen to the latest hits on vinyl or tapes. Fast forward to today, music is mainly consumed as digital files from music streaming services like Spotify that we can enjoy alone at any time. With new technologies, the music industry is changing exponentially with the digital distribution of content. Experts predict that new technology, such as blockchain and NFTs, will play a massive role in shaping the musical landscape, and forward-thinking brands and artists are already embracing it.

Tribal Musical Group is one brand that understands and embraces this shift wholeheartedly. The brainchild of Stan Wittenberg, Tribal Music Group is an empire comprising different brands and entities whose core business is record labels and releasing music. The group has been releasing music for over nine years, providing them with inside knowledge of what the market requires for an artist to break through and rise above the noise. At 24, Wittenberg understands what today’s consumer wants and how they want it. This enabled him to scale his brand from its humble beginnings into the empire it has grown into today.

Social media marketing and advertising are a core pillar of Tribal Music’s business. In fact, the entire company started as a curational YouTube channel in 2014, when Wittenberg was 15. The channel uploaded music from third-party artists to share with his audience, who came to the channel to hear new trap daily without having to go out and look for it. After a few years, artists started signing to Tribal Trap for exclusive premieres or even releases, eventually transforming the channel into a record label, growing out into the group of channels, record labels, and Instagram accounts it is today. Tribal Music has taken advantage of evolving technology to market content in what Wittenberg terms “new age” ways like NFTs, user-generated content (reels), and other kinds of more guerilla-like marketing strategies.

Each entity in the empire has a distinct platform and boasts an impressive social media following. For example, on YouTube, the company’s biggest social media brand, Tribal Trap, has over 800K subscribers. The other brands are Trap Music Movement, Night Drive, and Workout City, with 272K, 380K, and 18K subscribers, respectively. Tribal Music Group also owns several record labels, namely Tribal Trap, Diverge Records, and, cumulatively reaching about 2M listeners daily. In 2021, the brand reached a cumulative 1 billion total streams over the label’s lifetime. It has also achieved notable accomplishments such as featuring in campaigns by Google, Puma, League of Legends, Ubisoft, So You Think You Can Dance, Les Mills, and more.

Wittenberg hopes to expand his network further by acquiring more brands and accounts to strengthen Tribal Music Group’s position in the music industry. He reports that the company is looking to expand outside music marketing into conventional marketing and has started exploring some more experimental means of growth. These include the release of limited edition NFT versions of some songs, which they sold 20,000+ copies of for the first 10 tracks. Wittenberg adds there are many more opportunities left in both the digital and live event spaces, and Trap Music Group is undoubtedly not done exploring.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian

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