TrustMySystem: How This Brand Started As A Hobby And Become A Successful Venture

Trust My System

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“We knew that if we failed, we wouldn’t regret a thing, but we knew we would regret not trying.”

That is the submission of two brothers, Zain and Farhaz Kheraj as they set out to pursue their dreams and make a difference in an already saturated niche. The brothers are the founders of one of the leading consultancy companies in the US, TrustMySystem (TMS Sports Consultancy LLC)

From enjoying a simple hobby to living a life of success, there’s no greater comfort than in knowing you’re being paid to do something you have fun doing.  Together, these brothers took what seemed to be a hobby and turned it into a flourishing business.

Founded by Zain and Farhaz, TMS Sports Consulting has become one of the most reliable sports consultancy services. While the market may be saturated, they focused on how they could add value for subscribers.

“We decided to open our service that revolves around one main thing: transparency. We provide our service with 100% transparency, elite customer service, and the most affordable packages in the industry,” they said.

Transparency: this important feature is born out of the fact that the founders of the business, Zain and his brother, Farhaz, are both adept at consultancy and have a keen understanding of mathematics. So subscribers of TrustMySystem can be sure that they have a unique edge in the market.

But expectedly, it wasn’t that easy to get the business to fly. The brothers struggled with getting the needed support from their family. Like some people who followed their dreams in place of a conventional job, the brothers were concerned that their family would feel let down by their business decision.

Although the brothers began the business without much of a plan in place, things have turned around in a short while and the business has been incredibly successful so far.

However, even if the business had flopped at some point, the brothers say it wouldn’t have mattered. For them, the most important lesson would be that they made an effort and tried to see their dreams through.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to start things you want to do. You should be afraid to spend 30 to 40 years working for someone else. Even if it’s a small start, it can be a boost that’ll make you more focused and enthusiastic to continue and move forward toward bigger results. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to!” Zain and Farhaz explain.

“Growing up in a foreign household, our parents expected us to get an education, a degree, and work our way up the corporate ladder.”

With such a close-knit background, quitting their jobs to start focusing on their hobbies was a tough decision. They describe it as one of the hardest decisions they had to make because they knew their parents wouldn’t be in support.

But putting everything on the line, they settled on following their dreams. After all, that’s what they always wanted right from a very young age. Sports have always been their passion, so they took a risky move by opting out of their jobs at great companies and stable futures, all to go after that passion of theirs but in a different way.

For the brothers, TrustMySystem is the offshoot of their enthusiasm to participate in sports and their passion for consultancy. According to them, it ran in the family. They were sports inclined from the beginning.

“We have always been huge sports fans and we saw an opportunity in this industry,’ they say.

While Zain was a triathlete and played basketball at some point in his life, Farhaz played basketball player. Their father, on the other hand, may not have participated on the pitch, but his interest in sports was in a different area altogether.

Their father used to take them to Vegas. They would sit at the table and watch their father stake on games. With that level of exposure, the brothers grew to understand how the industry worked.

So while still in college, the brothers were already skilled punters.

Their goal at that initial stage was not to make money for themselves. It was to prove a point; that they were good at what they were doing.

“Our goal was to make the bookkeepers go broke,” they said.

TrustMySystems has earned a reputation as one of the best sports consultancy companies in the US that subscribers can rely on to find lucrative markets. At TrustMySystem, they place quality over quantity, giving hands-on tips to help their subscribers win big on high-advantage games.

Rather than simply taking a blind chance at winning and placing faith in luck, customers can depend on TrustMySystem for credible analysis and the best information that they need to make quality decisions.

Furthermore, TrustMySystems platform is not just designed to offer probable outcomes to increase winning odds, it is also built in such a way that helps punters develop their winning strategies to succeed in sports consulting.

“We differentiate ourselves from others through honesty, consistency, professionalism, and the ability to adapt to emerging trends and technology. We are trendsetters in our industry,” Zain and Farhaz declare.

In addition, customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business, which is why the company places a premium on building long-term relationships with their clients through adhering to the ethics of the industry, applying honesty and credibility to work, and maintaining contact with customers through various TrustMySystem on social media platforms.

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