How TV Host Neil Anders & Tax Planner Joseph Lang Are Revolutionizing The Cool Factor Of Traditional Industry

Courtesy Joseph Lang

Written In Partnership With Kathryn Schmid

In the past two decades digital technology has dramatically changed the way many businesses are run, not just because technology has automated the tasks, but also because of the way it has allowed entrepreneurs to interface with their clients. It seems almost counter-intuitive but digital technology, which is often characterized as impersonal, has enabled many entrepreneurs to form closer, more responsive relationships with their customers. In the end, these bosses have been able to better identify what their clients are seeking and this has resulted in more efficient service.

Two entrepreneurs who have been able to combine technology with their desire to provide more responsive service are Florida tax strategist Joseph Lang and California TV Host and mortgage broker Neil Anders.  Although working in completely different industries, on opposite sides of the US, both men approach their respective clients with empathy and a wealth of life experience. These qualities have paid off big-time for the customers who utilize their services.

Miami Tax strategist Joesph Lang, left a career as a psychotherapist to enter the world of tax. He started his firm Tax Emperor in 2017, with the goal of helping people in the Miami area maximize their tax breaks. Lang recognized that he had a particular gift for analyzing a portfolio that could that could result in lowering a client’s tax liability.  Lang understood how foundational paying taxes is for the people who seek his help. Money save on a tax return is money in their pocket, which can help in countless ways. Lang says, “I see so many people that are financially illiterate, so what we try to do is teach them how to make their money work for them by tax planning and educating clients on how to maximize their circumstances and find ways to lower tax liability.”  Through his educational process, Lang has emerged as a role model for financial planning across Florida and has inspired a new generation of more fiscally responsible young professionals, who look at future financial planning as cool for the first time.

Courtesy Neil Anders

Newport Beach based Mortgage broker Neil Anders has worked with mortgages ever since he left high school.  Ironically he had been drawn to the mortgage business because he saw a financial upside, but soon after the 2008 real estate crisis hit and upended his business, pushing Anders and a few of his clients into foreclosure. The experience caused Anders extreme anguish and as a result, he developed a deep well of empathy for the people who sought his services.

In the last several years the mortgage industry has seen significant change. The process of applying for a mortgage has been digitized and homebuyer volume has exploded.  As the Vice President of Sales at Trusted Rate in Newport Beach, California, Anders and his team provide every loan product available in the United States. Anders’ unwavering dedication to each one of his clients is reflected in his five-star Zillow rating. He is quick to say, “We always put the customer first. Good salespeople love their product, but great salespeople love their clients.” Anders’ attitude and resulting success has enabled him to transcend his industry, garnering him a TV host position at American Dream TV and building a dynamic online persona that is starting to give the mortgage industry a cool factor.

Digital resources have enabled entrepreneurs to communicate with their clients with much greater ease. In addition, technological advances in the application process, both for those filing a tax return, and for customers who hope to secure a new mortgage, have added a layer of transparency to the process. According to both Joseph Lang and Neil Anders, the advance of digital technology presents a win-win situation for the consumer.





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