Unleash Your Inner Detective With a Subscription to Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer

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Now that the Fall is here, we’re gonna be spending a lot more time indoors. And what a way to keep ourselves entertained in these long months ahead of us than by playing a game? Especially one with friends that doesn’t end in one session. You can sign up for a subscription to the great game Hunt A Killer right now to play detective for months at a time.

Hunt A Killer is quite the game to take part in. When you sign up, you are signing up for an experience that doesn’t end in one night. This is an immersive gaming experience where each storyline takes place over 6 months. Each month, you will get a box that is valued at $25 delivered to your house. The box is filled up with new clues you have to pore over to get closer to the truth of this mystery.

Immersion is the name of the game here, as each box doesn’t just come with a sheet of paper that tells you what the evidence is. You’ll get physical documents like coroner’s reports and newspaper clippings and the like. It adds a real human touch that makes it so much easier for you and others to get invested in the game. Which makes that wait for the next box all the more tantalizing. So much so that there’s an option for you to expedite the next box to solve the mystery faster.

Getting the first box of a new story is quite the thrill. Getting all the documents you need to get to understand who each character in the story is, finding out what they do and what they’re all about. Trying to piece it all together in time before it all comes crashing down. So many people love watching murder mystery shows and listening to podcasts and the like that this kind of immersive experience is something that is sure to get its hooks into people.

Now, each box of the Hunt A Killer subscription is $25. For that price a month to be as entertained as you are is not bad at all. But you can also sign up for the full season plan or the double season plan, keeping you going for 1 story or 2. And with each plan, you get a season exclusive notebook, as well as a Killer Cocktails recipe book and two detective juice mugs.

That’s not all. Since we know you guys are going to flip for such a service, we are here with an exclusive offer. By using our MJ exclusive discount code MENSJOURNAL, you can save 20% off your first box. Help make it so much easier for you to take the plunge into becoming a world-class detective with your friends during this chilly Fall season.

So if you’re feeling like you should stock up on some fun stuff to do indoors in these coming cold months ahead of us, we suggest you use our discount code MENSJOURNAL to save 20% on your first box to Hunt A Killer right now. You won’t regret it when you’re pouring through some files and getting closer to finding out who the killer is. Sign up now and enjoy the ride.

Get It: Sign up for Hunt A Killer today and get 20% off your first box with the exclusive discount code MENSJOURNAL


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