Unlocking the Vastly Superior You: From the Inside Out

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Unlocking the Vastly Superior You – From the Inside Out

What if your life, in a matter of as short as two weeks, could be better; better workouts, relationships, communication with your spouse, business acumen—even the way you feel in your own skin? This isn’t to say that something has to necessarily be wrong in any of these areas. You could actually be doing great in each and every one of those areas. We are simply asking the question “what if every aspect of your life could be better?”

So many people wait for something to break — be it their business, their marriage, or even their health — before they are able to recognize the opportunities available to them that can help them make their life (and themselves) better. However, this is one of the biggest problems men face in society today.

“Rather than improving upon their relationships, their businesses, or themselves while everything is good,” says Personal Development Coach Jean-Paul Gravel, founder of ThroughConversation, “most men wait and look for that moment when something happens that forces them to make improvements. I help teach them that the bigger, better version of themselves is already there, inside, and how to unlock it.”

Inside Out

Understanding the power of the mind

“If our minds were firing on all sixteen cylinders, life would become a breeze,” says Gravel. “By simply focusing on improving the way your mind functions as powerfully as you work on improving your appearance, you could generate much bigger results in all aspects of life.” The reason doing this is often thought to be so difficult, Gravel explains, is because we, as humans, have mental barriers.

“We have barriers that prevent us from being who we really are. Your mind formed them throughout your life from everything that’s happened to you – people taking advantage of you, personal stress, business stress, strained relationships and more. Over time this turns into the “baggage” that you carry. Whether you know it or not, it’s weighing you down every moment of your life. This baggage negatively impacts your ability to remain relaxed and calm, consistently confident in everything you do, and ultra-creative. It prevents you from making the best decisions and managing others with utmost ease. Just as athletes don’t become better at sports without pushing themselves past their physical limits, we professionals don’t become better husbands, fathers, or businessmen without pushing ourselves past our mental limits. Breaking those barriers isn’t done through acquiring more knowledge, but rather by expanding our mental capacity to unlock the truest and best iterations of ourselves.”

According to Gravel, when we transform ourselves from the inside out — instead of from the outside in — we achieve massive stratospheric growth in every single area of our lives. By focusing on continuously improving our mental capacity, we can not only help ourselves feel physically better throughout each day, but our workouts become more effective. Our sleep becomes more restful, and we begin to see drastic improvements in our relationships as a result, leading to greater fulfillment from all aspects of our lives.

“Every decision that you make is going to be proportionate to the level of intelligence and emotional resilience that you have,” says Gravel. “Once we’re able to breach beyond this self-imposed mental plateau, we start to realize how much sense it makes to enhance our mind at a higher level, and at greater scale, than we enhance our physical capabilities.”

Unlocking the superior you, ThroughConversation

If we want to have access the biggest and brightest opportunities that life has to offer, we need to understand how to stop limiting ourselves. To accomplish this, we must first understand how to level up our mental capabilities.

“The way you think dictates the life that you have,” adds Gravel. “If you wonder why some people are always more relaxed, look at the ways they tend to think. Some are always more confident or happier, regardless of their appearance, because of the way they think. The way you think is in direct correlation to the success you have in life. Enhance your thinking and you directly enhance every aspect of your life, be it personal, business, or in your ability to create and maintain amazing relationships.”

This internal reflection to better understand ourselves mentally in order to better our lives is precisely what Gravel instills in others with ThroughConversation™. Since its inception over a decade ago, Gravel’s guiding principles and expertise have helped hundreds of executives, founders, CEOs, and more break past their own mental barriers and unlock the superior versions of themselves—all with a 100% success rate.

“With Jean-Paul’s help,” said Tim Barry, CEO and co-founder of the multibillion-dollar organization VillageMD, “…my anxiety has gone away…I have been able to connect with my wife at such a deeper level than frankly, any time I can remember over the last 20 years…My business has more than doubled, and it’s going to double again next year.”

“It’s impossible to describe the program,” said Bart Vanstaalduinen, another of Gravel’s clients with ThroughConversation. “You just show up and commit and within a relatively short period [of] time in your life you’ve changed completely, in a good way…it’s more like you come in as one person and you leave being more yourself than you’ve ever been.”

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