Usain Bolt Confesses That Speed Isn’t Everything

Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt holding a dental mouthguard
Usain Bolt: New partnership with SprintRay boosts dental care across Jamaica—and the world.Courtesy Image

Legendary sprinter, Usain Bolt—aka the world’s fastest man—has a surprising confession to make about how he prefers to manage the pace of “normal” life off of the track.

“I do everything slow,” says the eight-time Olympic gold medalist and recent father of twins—born a fleeting five months ago. “Surprisingly, I’m not really the type of person who’s always trying to get somewhere fast. I like to walk.”

That’s no easy task with a pair of infants whose energy, as Bolt puts it, “is really starting to pick up.” The biggest challenge of fatherhood for the greatest sprinter ever is (all irony aside) “time management” and just trying to take things as they come—a happily candid admission that’s bound to provide some comfort to all non-Olympian parents out there.

Another timely and comforting announcement from Usain Bolt: his collaboration with global MedTech pioneer, SprintRay—a leader in digital dentistry and 3D printing solutions.

Today, the Los Angeles-based company dedicated to pioneering more affordable dental technologies announced that the iconic Jamaican athlete will serve as their Global Brand Ambassador for the next five years. The partnership will commence with Bolt participating at SprintRay’s 3D Next Summit (October 21-24) in Miami, and continue with the launch of Bolt Labs powered by SprintRay—an initiative to expand global access to dental care in collaboration with the Jamaican Dental Association.

“SprintRay is excited to partner with Usain Bolt,” says SprintRay CEO and co-founder Amir Mansouri, Ph.D. “This initiative marks as a pivotal step to act on our mission to improve dental care quality and delivery times through technological innovation.”

“There is no one else on this planet like Usain Bolt to inspire us to amplify the impact of speed and time,” adds SprintRay President, Erich Kreidler.

The SprintRay Foundation in partnership with the Bolt Foundation plans to open dental clinics—including 3D labs and a mobile unit—to aid the dental needs of adults and kids worldwide. These will include new facilities in remote areas of Jamaica where the need for additional dental care remains critical.

“I was really excited about this because I understand the need for this technology in Jamaica,” says Bolt, who has faced these challenges himself growing up in a country with a single dentist for every 100,000 residents. “I’m from a rural area and I know what we’ve been through. Just to get to a dentist’s office people have to travel miles.

“So this is a big deal—an initiative to accelerate a very critical and unmet need for improvements in dental care access across the world,” notes Bolt.… “Starting with Jamaica,” he smiles.


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