Ron Bauer, the Venture Capitalist Who’s Made It His Mission to Empower Young Founders

Ron Bauer

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In order to succeed in business, aspiring business owners and executives need a network of supportive colleagues and mentors to cultivate an environment of excellence, ambition, and grit. Ron Bauer is one of the few business mentors who has considerable years of experience as evidence of their skill in his industry.

Ron Bauer is a venture capitalist, business mentor, and author with more than 20 years of expertise. Alongside some of the most exciting founders, scientists, and academic institutions in the world, he has helped create a number of successful businesses. Bauer also concentrates on the Natural Resources, Technology, EdTech, and Life Sciences industries.

Theseus Capital, created by Ron Bauer, teaches founders how to raise capital and go public. For more than 20 years, they have successfully applied a unique formula to their portfolio companies. Because they have gone through the same journey as founders several times, they have created dozens of companies, helped them raise financing, and supported them in the IPO process.

Bauer was also a founder of Turkana Energy, which merged with Africa Oil in July 2009. (TSX: AOI). The company’s market cap grew to over $3 billion CAD when Tullow Oil successfully drilled the oil concession owned by Turkana and raised more than $1 billion in equity.

The project has now received more than $2 billion in investments, and the first oil was delivered to port in August 2019 making Kenya an oil producing nation. The project is operated by the French oil corporation Total in cooperation with Tullow Oil and Africa Oil.

Bauer has had a sizable stake in a number of biotech, tech, and natural resources companies. In recent years, he served as a principal shareholder in a number of companies, including 180 Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATNF), Pasithea Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KTTA), Stran & Co (NASDAQ: STRN), Genflow Biosciences (LSE: GENF), Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals (LSE: HEMO), and Cognetivity Neurosciences (CSE: CGN). Bauer ‘s track record of raising capital in a number of different sectors and geographies despite continually changing market conditions is one of his key strengths.  Ron’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions and sectors is one of his most commendable traits. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Ron Bauer has started to mentor several startup founders with early-stage companies that want to raise capital, grow their company, and make preparations for an eventual IPO in a year or two, as well as to mid- to late-stage founders for one-on-one mentoring who want to complete a Pre IPO round and go public in the near term.

Bauer stands out from the competition due to his wealth of startup expertise, having founded dozens of businesses and taken them public on various exchanges all over the world, raising hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ron Bauer has a track record of supporting innovative concepts and working with dynamic entrepreneurs and scientists. From the first phases of angel and seed investment to public mergers, SPACs and IPOs, he has given many founders and entrepreneurs a significant boost. Bauer has been a majority shareholder in a number of thriving companies over recent years. He has also assisted in negotiating M&A deals with bigger companies.

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