Want to Smoke Hunter S. Thompson’s Favorite Weed? You’ll Soon Be Able

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Six strains of weed once smoked by the founder of Gonzo journalism are beginning a journey toward legal sales in dispensaries.

Anita Thompson, who was married to Hunter and shared his home, kept remnants of six strains of weed that Hunter himself previously smoked and is in talks to bring them to market.

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Thompson kept “plant material” from six of Hunter’s strains for more than a decade, and the materials appear to be enough for DNA extraction and a simple cloning process, which will allow her to reproduce them (and hybrids of them) for the market.

Anita Thompson just this year purchased Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado, back from a trust that was set up to protect the property. While she had been allowed to continue living on the farm, she apparently felt hamstrung by the ownership, having to ask permission to make repairs to the small cabin she and Hunter once shared.

Thompson now has likeness rights and full ownership as a result of the deal, and has big plans to turn Owl Farm into a museum and writers retreat. But to finance that, she’s begun work to bring Hunter’s unique cannabis strains to market.

Other celebrities have jumped on the THC train already. Snoop Dogg released eight strains of his own product earlier this year. The market also includes products from the likes of Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and Bob Marley (posthumously).

But while all of the other celeb strains are cultivated for sales, or approved by family members, this would be the first “historical strain” to head to market.

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