Watch Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago Fight Again In This Behind-the-Scenes ‘Creed 2’ Moment

Sylvester Stallone punches Dolph Lundgren in a scene from the film 'Rocky IV', 1985. (Photo by United Artists/Getty Images)
United Artists/Getty Images

Back in Rocky IV, Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago had a boxing match for the ages. The two faced off again in Creed 2, with Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren each reprising their roles as the iconic characters, but this time, they only served as as boxing coaches and mentors to fighters Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) and Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu).

Knowing that both stars were back for Creed 2, fans were excited about a potential fight between the two icons. While it didn’t happen in the film—it almost did. Stallone took to his Instagram page to show off a scene that didn’t make it into the final cut, one that put Balboa and Drago together for another fight. As Stallone wrote on his Instagram post, the scene was “cut” from the final film, but “would’ve been extraordinary” if it got in.

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The scene takes place—spoiler alert—after the first fight between Viktor and Adonis, which lands Creed in the hospital with multiple injuries. Following the fight, Ivan comes to the hospital to confront Rocky and Adonis, which leads to the fight. Take a look:

Creed 2 made over $200 million at the box office, and while nothing is official, it’s likely that a third film will be made, as Jordan has already expressed his interest in returning. Jordan has a busy slate coming up with the Tom Clancy adaptation Without Remorse and the legal drama Just Mercy.

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