Watch the New Action-Packed Trailer for Gerard Butler’s ‘Angel Has Fallen’

Angel Has Fallen film
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Gerard Butler really knows how to keep a president safe. Butler is back as Mike Banning, America’s best Secret Service agent, in the new film Angel Has Fallen. It’s the third in the Fallen film series following Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, but this time around, he’s the one who is being hunted.

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The first trailer for the film has been released and it looks like the action is going to be as intense as the first two films. After a drone attack on the new President of the United States Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), Banning is framed and goes on the run to clear his name. He enlists his father Clay Banning (Nick Nolte) to help him, all while being pursued by the real bad guy Wade Jennings (Danny Huston).

Butler previously told us how he trained for the first film in the series:  “We worked with Navy SEALs and ex-special forces; our stunt coordinator was special forces,” Butler said. “I also worked very closely with secret service agents. They were on set for most of the filming to make sure we were doing everything correctly. I would pick their brains, asking them what they would do in certain situations, what they would say. You have to go in there ready to look and feel like a badass 100%.

“I’d get in there and tell the stunt guys, ‘Give me a mixture of what you would actually do, and what just looks f*cking cool.’ I always try to make it believable. Sometimes when the stunt guys are showing you how to fight, they give you something a little stunt-y to do, but I tell them I want to get real–down, dirty, and badass. I want to get hurt, I want to hurt them. I want it to look like a real fight. Mike Banning is a guy who is well-trained, so I had to train enough so that you believed I was well-trained. He’s against some well-trained sons of b*tches–those commandos are as good as they come, and he’s up against 42 of them, so if I was going to defeat them, I wanted you to believe that I actually could defeat them.”

Here’s the new trailer for the film:

Take a look at the action packed trailer:

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, the film will be released on August 23.

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