Watch the New Trailer for Robert Redford’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’

The official trailer for the new comedy adventure A Walk in the Woods, starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson, and Nick Offerman, was released Wednesday. The film, based on the acclaimed 1998 memoir of the same name, from celebrated travel writer Bill Bryson, looks like far more than just changing the location of The Bucket List or Grumpy Old Men to the Appalachian Trail and disguising Ron Swanson as an REI employee.

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The movie, set to hit theaters September 2, follows Redford (playing Bryson) as he decides to embark on a 2,200-mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail — from Georgia to Maine — as his first endeavor as a retiree. After enlisting his long-lost friend Katz (Nolte) to accompany him, the pair discover a lot about themselves, adventure, and pitching tents during the journey. During one scene, where the pair tackles the first steep climbs of the hike, Nolte comments positively (albeit very gruffly), "What goes up, must come down." Flash-forward to half a mile up the trail, and we hear, "What the hell ever happened to down?"

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The unique sense of humor that Bryson brought to life in the book is present, according to Redford in an interview with Moviefone. "I like comedy that has some wit attached to it, and Bryson had that," Redford said. "Bryson skirts this line between just on the edge of sarcasm, what I would call sardonic humor, but it's funny, it's witty, but it's also got a level of sophistication."

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