Watch the Snow- and Blood-Filled ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer

Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Channing Tatum, Bruce Dern, and Jennifer Jason Leigh (of Fast Times at Ridgemont High fame) have teamed up for Quentin Tarantino's eighth film, The Hateful EightThe Civil War-era Western was filmed at the historic Schmid Ranch in Wilson Mesa, about 10 miles outside of Colorado ski town Telluride. The Rocky Mountain region is reported to have beat out other idyllic backcountry locations such as Utah and Wyoming, where part of Django Unchained was filmed. 

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Tarantino and crew filmed during the harshest (and busiest) part of the ski season, from January to March. In fact, Tarantino and crew (including Jackson) actually requested that locals and ski bums alike join in a ceremonial ski burn at Teluride's Elks Parks back in February as a pagan offering to the snow gods for a reverse of last winter's snow drought. 

The craziest thing about it? It seems to have worked. In the trailer, there are drifts of snow covering the mountains in the beautiful wide-angle shots, and a perfect dusting atop Jackson's cowboy hat in the opening moments when he looks up to the camera and chillingly asks, "Got room for one more?"

The movie will open in select 70mm theaters on Christmas day — Tarantino wants to create a classic cinematic experience — and it's scheduled for a nationwide release January 8. 

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