Watch Usain Bolt Race James Corden, Owen Wilson

No one on the planet is faster than Usain Bolt, the all-time greatest runner who’s won nine Olympic gold medals. But this hasn't stopped many runners — from Justin Gatlin to Andre de Grasse — from trying to beat him. His latest challenger? "Carpool Karaoke" king James Corden on The Late Late Show and part-time male model Owen Wilson. We can't say the race was all that close.

“This is the race sports fans have been waiting for,” says the announcer, while Bolt, Corden, and The Late Late Show’s crew lined up for a quick 100-meter showdown. 

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Wilson, who donned an outfit that could have come out of The Royal Tenenbaums, headband and aviators included, began the race with a false start. “I was leading right at the very beginning,” says Wilson. “I don’t know, I got cocky. I took something off, and you take something off against Usain Bolt, he’s going to blow you away. So that’s what happened, I’m not going to make excuses.”

Corden, racing for Britain but wearing Jamaica's uniform (likely a psych-out strategy), finished a solid 20th place overall.

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But Corden didn’t let Bolt’s victory get him down. Instead, he ends the video with some sage advice on how to lose. “I would’ve liked to have been in the Top 15, but it wasn’t my day. That’s the life of an athlete. That’s the life of a professional track athlete. Some days it comes, and some days it doesn’t. And, you know, good on who won. I didn’t actually see who won it.”

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