Will Arnett Combats Ice Cream Binges By Hiking With a 50-Pound Weight Vest

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Here’s how Will Arnett, star of Arrested Development, gets things done.

I started taking my health seriously at 25 or 30. Before then, I was lean, no matter what I ate. As I got older, I was getting a little soft, so I started exercising regularly. Now I’m 48, and my kids, work, and life dictate how often I get to the gym. First, I walk 20 minutes on the treadmill, run for 20 more, then lift weights. I’m not trying to bulk up; I’m the guy you see lifting really light dumbbells, nothing heavier than 25 pounds. There can be this jailhouse mentality among dudes to show off how much they’re lifting. For me, it’s about trying to stay limber.




I like to mix up my routine and not just rely on the gym. People give me shit about being tan, but it’s mostly from being outside. One time, I saw a guy hiking with a weighted vest and said, “Hey, I want to try that.” So I hike with a 50-pound vest. It’s a terrific workout. I’ll admit, the first time I tried it, I got 200 yards and thought, “I can’t do this. I need to go back to the car and drive home.” But I stuck it out, and it got a little easier. I go four or five miles, and it works my core and builds strength. Then I don’t need to go to the gym.

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People have weaponized what they eat as a form of one-upmanship. In L.A., they say things like, “You know, I’m vegan,” or “I eat kale every day,” to let you know how well they’re doing. I’ve gone through periods of not having sugar and bread, but I’m happiest when I eat in moderation. I love fries, but if I order them, I’ll split it with somebody. I know parents who won’t let their kids eat that sort of stuff. I’m like, “Come on, man.” I’m not saying Doritos at every meal but in moderation. Without a doubt, my biggest weakness is ice cream. I just fucking love it. I could cut it out, but to what end? Happiness isn’t a destination; it’s now. After crushing a pint, I just know I need to climb a mountain with my weighted vest. —As told to J.R. Sullivan

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