Who Is Andrew Ferebee, and Why Did He Quit His Job to Build a Men’s Organization?

Andrew Ferebee

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Leaving a stable job, 401k and health benefits to jump into the unknown in today’s economy may seem like a grave mistake. The cost of living is increasingly high, and without a reliable source of income, it is hard even to afford the basic necessities. But Andrew Ferebee still quit his job and walked away from it all. Andrew took a risk and left everything to build a men’s organization that ignited his soul. He is now helping fellow men become stronger, more grounded men to create the life and relationships his client’s desire.

Andrew started a podcast, Knowledge For Men, which discusses men’s issues in life, health, work, relationships and becoming a more successful man. His podcast is among the Top 150 Podcasts on Spotify out of 3 million Podcasts on the platform, with over 10 million downloads.

Andrew is also a coach, author, and the brains behind the leading blog and coaching organization, Knowledgeformen.com. He also wrote several top-selling books for men, including the Dating Playbook for Men and the Breakup Manual for Men.

According to Andrew Ferebee, many men are afraid of doing things differently (outside what society expects of them) and are stuck in a cycle of pleasing others, seeking validation and living a life inauthentic to their true values and vision. This makes it harder for them to build a great relationship with their significant other and attain their goals in life because they are attracting the wrong people and energy in life.

“Most men hide their emotions because this is what they have been taught to do. As a man, you are expected to be strong, and expressing your emotions is often seen as a sign of ‘weakness”, Andrew says.

Due to this and other reasons, men are more reluctant to seek help. They turn to extreme methods to mask the pain. Some numb themselves to reality with pleasure-inducing addictions like video games, alcohol, drugs, porn, and social media binges, creating narrow-minded men who becomes invisible in modern society/relationships altogether. Other times, the solutions are too weak and mold soft men who put women on a pedestal and are a temporary band aid solution, Andrew adds.

Through Knowledge for Men, Andrew is creating a safe space for all men where they can get real, share their truth and be seen and heard without any fear of judgment. Once the mask is off, he then offers a real solution to help men in the modern world by installing the right habits, mindsets and systems to get actual results and solve the client’s biggest challenges and not just talking about it in a circle. He encourages men to seek therapy and coaching to help them in their lives and relationships, but to be wary of any “expert” who doesn’t have results in their own lives.

Andrew struggled with relationships all his life. He felt like he wasn’t accepted, put women on a pedestal and would sabotage any relationship, inspiring him to start his ten-year-long journey, which resulted in a men’s platform to help others around the world. After a breakup with a woman, he thought he would marry, Andrew went on a 10-year journey to uncover what it means to be a healthy, strong, and attractive man. Andrew interviewed over 400 leading life and relationship coaches and many successful entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and artists who created their own version of success and live a life true to themselves in all aspects of their lives.

During his journey, he discovered that men are increasingly afraid of seeking help and letting personal and relational challenges go unaddressed for most if not all of their lives, which leads men to vices and addiction to mask their hidden feelings, leading to increased suicide among men. The suicide rate for men is 3.5 times that of women. Andrew hopes to help other men see that it is healthy, smart and mature to admit that you need help and that being a strong man doesn’t mean masking your emotions and pretending like everything’s okay, when in reality you are struggling or unhappy. The most successful men in the world seek the support of those who have the results they desire.

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