Why Successful Businessman, Reco Jefferson, Set Up an All-Female-Run Modeling Agency

Reco Jefferson

Successful entrepreneur, Reco Jefferson, is a man of many paths. For someone with the Midas touch, he’s got his hands deep in several business pies, from automated e-commerce and dropshipping to real estate and even owning barbershops in his home community and an agency that manages models.

Reco’s agency is unlike any other agency, not just because it’s owned by Reco Jefferson, a retired Air Force personnel, but because it’s made up of an all-female staff. That’s right; women run the agency for women, 100 percent.

But for a businessperson running a very lucrative real estate and e-commerce business, what’s the deal with setting up an agency that takes care of OnlyFans models?

It all began when Reco, who believes in providing value for money and placing a premium on his clients, got wind of the fact that a lot of the agencies representing OnlyFans models appear to be lounging at the expense of the girls they’re supposed to be helping to achieve their dreams.

According to Reco, he’s had friends on OnlyFans for a while. The agencies took virtually all the money the girls were supposed to make. Between 50% and 70% of the money usually goes to agencies. And even then, the girls can’t be sure of proper representation, so Reco felt the situation was unacceptable because it amounted to robbing the girls of their rights and taking advantage of them. After all, they didn’t know better.

Once Reco realized this, he felt the girls deserved more for all their effort. So, he set up Helix Media Agency to offer the girls the kind of support they deserved. But not just for OnlyFans models; Helix agency also takes care of models from everywhere who need their platform to grow.

According to Reco, the all-female staff at helix provides comprehensive representation to the girls. They take care of every aspect of managing the models, from promotions, messaging scheduling, fixing trips for events, photo shoot sessions, etc. The agency covers every end so the girls are not pressured, and they can concentrate on the part of the deal.

Another important consideration behind Reco setting up a unique agency like Helix is empowering women and removing the stigma. Men always get all the opportunities in most jobs, so Reco thought it would be great to move away from the stereotype, do something unique and give women the power in his organization, a small contribution to women empowerment.

Reco says, “You can have a female-ran agency and be just as successful as other agencies.”

Reco Jefferson

Of course, Reco Jefferson, who is proudly an 8-figure earner, is heavily into real estate and has dozens of rental homes across Philadelphia. As with the case of his agency, Reco isn’t just about making all those money without sparing thoughts for the people who are his customers.

Reco’s properties are majorly located around his home community of Philadelphia. For him, building habitable houses in those areas is giving back to society, providing affordable homes within reach of the average low-income family.

According to Reco, growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia made him realize the struggle that many hardworking, low-income people go through regularly. So having the opportunity to give back in terms of providing better homes, better facilities, and affordable prices is a blessing, and the people deserve that kind of support.

“They’re good people,” he says, “I grew up poor. And I remember what it was like trying to find good housing. And typically, the places you can afford are disgusting if you’re low-income. They’re rundown.”

With this at the back of his mind, Reco deliberately goes out of his way to ensure that, within his capacity, he gives the people of Redding, Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia area the kind of home befitting for hardworking individuals.

Beyond business and the need to make money off of his investments, Reco Jefferson believes that every hardworking individual deserves a chance at happiness. Through his business ventures, he is helping to inspire people to grow in any area of business or career they’re involved in. The core of his message is the focus, determination, and persistence. To date, he has actively mentored and helped dozens of individuals to find their path in business through his courses and online content on social media.

Aside from owning a thriving real estate empire and an OnlyFans modeling agency, Reco has deep hands in e-commerce automation and drop shipping business. This was his earliest investment and earned him his first fortune, from which he diversified and became the reputable entrepreneur we know him to be today.

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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