Why Time Trader UK is the New Frontrunner of The Luxury Watch Industry

Arron Honzik

This article was written in partnership with Paloma Rossano

How we present ourselves in public is a matter of concern to almost everyone, and has been since the time of the Pharaohs. Clothes, make-up, cars, jewelry, body style differentiate us from one another and at the same identify us as members of a particular group. Even the casual observer can infer by the way someone dresses what social strata they belong to, and what sort of impression they want to make as they move through their daily lives. 

If it’s true, however as Frank Lloyd Wright said, that “God is in the details,” then it’s what’s NOT immediately obvious that constitutes the real “tell,” about someone. And watches, which so many of us wear as a matter of course, and which we take for granted as both a convenience and an adornment, rank high among the “tells” that identify who a person really is. Those of us who wear Timex or Swatch, for example, announce that we’re practical people who need to know what time it is and no more. Those who wear upscale timepieces bearing a distinct shape or logo announce that we’re not just practical, but fashion conscious. Then there are those for whom a watch is neither purely practical nor a fashion statement but a legacy to be enjoyed and then passed down from generation to generation, or, at the very highest level, a work of art. Among the fraternity who serve this elite group is Arron Honzik, founder and principal of Time Trader, Europe’s “leading full-service luxury watch boutique.

How Arron came to found Time Trader, which is located in Acklam Hall  in Middlesbrough, UK and offers perhaps the world’s most unique watch buying experience, is a story in itself. In 2016, Arron was involved in a horrific auto accident which left him fatally hospitalized with the prospect of never walking again. During this terrible time, his father-in-law, familiar with Arron’s interest in watches, brought him a copy of “The Rolex Report: An Unauthorised Reference Book for the Rolex Enthusiast.” Arron devoured it, and in the process, remembered Elon Musk saying “anyone could become a person of value in a few months” by learning any skill they wanted on YouTube. About to become a father and needing not just to reconstruct his body but his entire life, Arron, with a new interest in watches, set himself to learn everything there was to know about horology–its history, watch making techniques, marketing, and so forth. By the time he was discharged from hospital, ten months after the accident, Arron’s path was clear.

Advertising the Rolex Daydate reference 18238 he’d purchased while in hospital up for sale on the internet, and a quick sale confirmed for Arron that the waters were favorable for his new venture. With the support of his family, and particularly his father Ian and his cousin Grant Honzik, Arron opened Time Trader, first on the internet, where it still enjoys a considerable presence, and then in its showroom at Acklam Hall where watch buyers are treated, no more than two at a time, to one of the most unique and luxurious shopping experiences one can have.

We’ll go deeper into the specifics of this experience in another place–the chauffeur driven arrival, the champagne, the amenity filled day, the on-site restaurant.  Here we’d like to end with some final observations about Arron and what it takes to build a business-like Time Trader.

Obviously, it takes know-how, an understanding of the product and of the desires and needs of those who love luxury watches. It also takes courage and vision, courage to start from scratch and vision to expand through the cyber and material tools available to our modern world. To become the best, however, it also takes immense drive and passion.  This is a lot for anyone to ask of oneself. For Arron, given his history, it had to have been doubly hard. That Arron’s succeeded in creating one of the premier high end watch emporia indicates the degree of involvement, drive, and perfectionism he brought, and brings, to Time Trader. It’s this that makes us interested in following, and delving deeper into, this amazing and unique business.


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