Work Hard to Play Even Harder — The Mantra Behind Mathieu Arseneault’s Stellar Success

Mathieu Arseneault

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Mathieu Arseneault plays numerous roles in his everyday life, such as real estate mogul, pilot, husband, father, speed demon, and hockey enthusiast. He has also been named Quebec’s top real estate agent. After putting work before play for the first ten years of his career, Arsenault is now on “cruise control” mode, with a net worth of $50,000,000 that permits him to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He also enjoys spending high-quality time with his wife and four children. We caught up with this real estate titan who was kind enough to share valuable advice on how to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

 Get Started Early

It is not a must, but if you have the option to begin your career from a young age, embrace it. Arseneault gained real estate knowledge from the time he was six years old. His father owned multiple real-estate properties, so Arseneault would join him when collecting rents and thus learned about leases early on.

Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

For his first decade in the business, Arseneault worked seven days for up to eighty hours a week. He sacrificed activities he loved — camping and golfing — to forge ahead on his professional path. He made countless sacrifices throughout his life, but not all were for career advancement – many were made so that he could provide his lovely family with everything they could ever want. And for that, his beautiful wife and kids feel tremendously grateful. In the end, the sacrifices were worth it as Arseneault is a firm believer in the adage “you reap what you sow.”

A Formal Education Is Optional

Arseneault realized college was not for him just six months in. In the same vein, just three weeks after starting his real estate training program, he knew it was where he belonged. Arseneault believes a pillar of success is sharing knowledge and strives to be an inspiration for up-and-coming realtors. He proudly calls himself a mentor for the next generation.

Mathieu Arseneault

Persistence and Consistency

During the grueling first ten years, Arseneault did not break or even change his daily routine. He believes this was the key to limitless possibilities and paychecks. This attitude persisted as Arseneault resumed his pilot education two years after he initially began selling properties at a breakneck pace and helping raise two children simultaneously. He will be the first to admit that the demanding work paid off and is offering him handsome returns on the investment in himself.

Today, Mathieu Arseneault finds solace at his cottage at Lac-Simon, which he calls his “family escape.” And if you see someone performing a search and rescue mission with a jetpack, it will probably be Arseneault embarking on his next adventure.

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