You Need to See Dennis Hopper’s Lost 1971 Documentary, ‘The American Dreamer’

"How can I be [the] 'American Dreamer' without broads?" asks director and actor Dennis Hopper, in this evocative clip from The American Dreamer, a 1971 documentary that captures Dennis Hopper in his most wild — and you might say creative — days. On cue, three women appear in the bathtub, Hopper standing awkwardly above them in an attention-grabbing red and green suit that's a hybrid of a Christmas sweater and Western rodeo mashup.


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The film, about to be digitally re-released this week, weaves us through the making of Hopper's The Last Movie, his silver screen flop that came after the critically acclaimed Easy Rider. The doc serves as a love letter of sorts to 70s counterculture in which Hopper plays an overblown version of himself, but it is impactful, and successfully invokes yearning for the free-spirited ways of yesteryear, when beards weren't ironic and "bunnies" was a compliment: "If they've got 30 bunnies coming down here, we're gonna be occupied, Bob. You know what I mean?" 

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