Young Entrepreneur Gary Wilson Sells Marketing Company for Multiple 7 Figures and Plans to Take Over the Scottish Property Market

Gary Wislon

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Society has made us believe that it is next to impossible for people to succeed at a young age, especially if we don’t come from financially well-off families. But Gary Wilson proves otherwise. At 24 years old, Gary has built a successful brand from the ground up. He is the founder and CEO of Scotland’s leading property investment, sales, and letting agency, Let Property Sales. He is also a top digital marketer. Gary recently sold his marketing agency for multiple seven figures.

Gary used the funds from the exit to get into real estate. He began investing in rental property around Glasgow, an experience he says led him to start Let Property Sales. Gary discovered that most agents don’t understand property yields and how to market an occupied property to other investors. Let Property Sales helps sellers, landlords, and investors get the best deals out of their real estate investments.

They help you sell your tenanted property and provide management services to landlords, including rent collection, maintenance, and compliance. They also assist investors in growing their portfolios. Let Property Sales allows investors to access their extensive network of available properties for investment and even create an investment plan for beginners.

Gary is leveraging his experience in digital marketing to help clients increase property visibility and sell their properties for maximum market value. He says his goal is to build strategies that will help investors take advantage of Scotland’s growing real estate market. Gary also hopes to help other young entrepreneurs leverage social media and develop their portfolios.

Gary is sharing his journey with other young entrepreneurs as he shows that it is okay to fail, and that failure isn’t the end of the road. When Gary started his business, he didn’t know what he was doing and made many mistakes, some of which he feels could have been avoided.

Gary opened multiple ventures, which all failed. But he didn’t stop trying. He started out in web design, then learned that people needed marketing, so he started an SEO agency. Gary then tried to rank his own SEO websites, such as a fashion store and local lead generation websites. This also didn’t work, but it led him to link-building.

Gary became very good at link-building within SEO, which made him a lot of money, and he built and created his company around it.

By believing he could do it and not giving up, Gary started and built his marketing agency from the ground up—he later exited the company for seven figures. Gary has built a million-pound property portfolio at just 24 and recently bought a McLaren 570s.

As he continues to make moves, he says the current goal is to grow Let Property Sales into one of the biggest landlord-to-landlord sales companies in the UK. He is also looking to add to his portfolio and help other young entrepreneurs find their way.

“My hope is to have a personal property portfolio of £5 million. I also hope to inspire thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to achieve the same things I did through learning about marketing and business,” says Gary Wilson.

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