Zachary Levi on His Favorite Superpowers and Starring in ‘Shazam!’

Playing a superhero in Shazam! gave Zachary Levi the chance to try out quite a few superpowers. But which ones were his favorite?

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While time-travel would be a fun one to have, Levi wouldn’t put that at the top of his list. “I’ve thought a lot about this,” Levi says. “Time-travel gets sticky, like Back to the Future, Biff is all of a sudden mayor of the town, you don’t want to screw around with that stuff.”

What about mind control and being able to hear people’s thoughts? “Some people think that would be dope,” Levi says, “But I’m like ‘No that would be horrendous!’ Your mind would just be full of other people’s bullshit all the time. That would be horrible—unless you could switch it on and off really easily.”

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The powers Levi likes the most are the ones we all likely would enjoy: teleportation and flying. “Teleportation—number one because we all know that with teleportation, whatever your touching goes with you,” Levi says. “So I could travel with like my whole family and my posse, all of our luggage…but then boom, you’re in Hawaii. And then after teleportation‚flying. I mean, you’ve got to fly.”

Levi clearly had a blast starring in Shazam! and playing an all-powerful superhero. Well he’s in luck: A Shazam! sequel is already in development with Levi returning in the main role.

Watch the video above to see more from Levi on his favorite superpowers and check out his Men’s Journal cover story here.

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