Zachary Zerk Is at the Forefront of Guiding Millennials and Gen Z Toward Financial Freedom

Zachary Zerk
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This article was produced in partnership with Thomas Herd, Founder of T1 Advertising

In today’s world, financial security and freedom has become a top priority, especially due to the ungrounding experience of COVID-19. People around the world are realizing the importance of having multiple sources of income, as well as where and when to invest in each different financial realm, including cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the scope of interest in these forms of financing has grabbed the attention of younger generations. In fact, millennials and Gen Z are said to have more spending power than generations before them, as they have larger savings and are investing sooner—and are doing so at a higher rate. However, this does not mean they’re completely well-versed in how to navigate the world of finance. They feel their lack of investment knowledge serves as a barrier to investing more, as they have little trust in robo-advisors.

That’s why entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Zachary Zerk is crucial to this wave of wealth coming from younger generations. He’s found his way through cryptocurrency and stocks by way of his financial literacy. Starting at iGenius, a financial literacy marketing company owned by Invest View, he utilizes his passion in networking to communicate the intricacies of what being financially literate means. He works with eager-to-learn clients both online and in-person to give them the tools, resources, and guidance to help best navigate their way through cryptocurrency, forex, and equity markets. While being at iGenius for less than a year, he’s worked his way up toward ambassador ranking, while also carrying the influence of his own eight-figure portfolio.

Adding to his experience with working and leading others, his awareness coaching license through the Proctor Gallagher Institute gives him the opportunity to work with programs that are targeted toward helping people with their own personal growth and motivation. For instance, some of these programs include “The Secret,” “Thinking Into Results,” “Lead the Field,” and “1% Club,” just to name a few. His approach to these programs derives off believing, “If you want different results, you need to ignite change at the level where your results are created in the first place.”

Through these multiple professional outlets, Zerk only plans to continue his growth both personally and financially, as well as use his experience with others to further expand his network. As younger people continue to reach out to learn about the different methods and strategies that can lead to financial freedom and beyond, Zerk is prepared to be at the forefront of those services. To learn more about Zach Zerk, follow him on Instagram.

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