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Mike Sarraille

Mike Sarraille is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, and former Recon Marine, Scout Sniper, and member of the elite Joint Special Operations Command. He’s the founder and CEO of ATTA, a mindset and performance company that advocates for physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. Its motto is “One Step ATTA Time.” He’s also the founder and CEO of Talent War Group, a leading management consulting and executive search firm, which creates world-class leadership development programs and sources executive talent to drive organizations to the next level.

Aside from being a co-author of the bestselling business book The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent, Mike’s a columnist and podcaster for Men’s Journal, exploring his Everyday Warrior concept—a no-hack, practical approach to living a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life—and inspiring others to follow it.

Mike is an avid adventurer and skydiver, continually pushing his physical and mental limits to grow. He recently completed a skydiving expedition to the Mount Everest region and is preparing to break the seven-continent skydiving record: skydiving into all seven continents in seven days.

Expert Panel

Personally recruited by Mike, each team member is a respected leader who has achieved peak performance through dedication, resolve, and hard work. These Everyday Warriors include doctors, entrepreneurs, veterans, and athletes who possess expertise that align with physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

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Podcast episodes

Want to achieve your goals and pursue a life of purpose? Let The Everyday Warrior Podcast be your inspiration; we feature candid, dynamic conversations with high-performing leaders from the world of sports, business, the military, entertainment, and more. We discuss your favorite topics, including health and fitness, adventure, travel, and style. We also give you a look at today’s hottest gear… often before it even hits the streets.

The Everyday Warrior is more than a podcast—it’s a no-hack, practical approach to living a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life. The show’s host, retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille, built The Everyday Warrior concept to help you overcome life’s obstacles and challenges.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ve come to the right place. The Everyday Warrior will help you achieve your goals and develop the mindset to live a better life.