Here’s How Harry Jowsey Paired His Entrepreneurial Mindset and Dating Life Into Professional Success

Harry Jowall
Eric Johnson

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Content creator and reality TV star Harry Jowsey has been capturing the hearts of his followers and viewers since early 2020. He soared to global stardom after appearing on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. Since the show, Harry hasn’t slowed down. With more than 9 million eyes on him across social media, and more acclimating by the day, Harry’s entrepreneurial mindset is in full swing with his latest venture, Lolly. Investing in the forward-thinking app is Harry’s way of contributing to his following by encouraging healthy relationships and intentional dating in 2022, and he is truly practicing what he preaches.

As well as backing Lolly, the Australian hunk and heartthrob is now dominating the fitness space as a truly influential figure. Harry is ready to take on 2022 by capitalizing on his passion for fitness. Filming on the beach shirtless every day for Too Hot to Handle motivated him to get – and stay – in his best shape yet. He even plans on investing in a gym!

When it comes to wellness, Harry is laser-focused on prioritizing physical activity and living a life rooted in holistic wellness. Harry is laser-focused on living a balanced lifestyle, prioritizing physical activity, and living a life rooted in holistic wellness. Jowsey sat down with Men’s Journal to speak on his goals and tips for staying in shape.

Harry Jowsey
Lloyd Pursall

It’s no secret that you’re in tip-top shape – How do you keep your body too hot to handle?

HJ: The biggest thing that I realized is that abs are made in the kitchen. As soon as I tuned in on my diet and took better care of what I put into my body and how I fuel my body, the better my body started to look. I started to enjoy doing cardio a lot more rather than being afraid of it. That has been the biggest thing too about putting in the few miles in a day and I love prioritizing cardio over weights.


What are some fitness trends/exercise hacks you’re all about for 2022?

HJ: I found a hack for myself whenever I’m not feeling good about working out is to put my phone down and get my workouts out of the way as soon as possible. If I find myself in a bit of a slump about working out, and I’m chilling by myself, I might as well just be answering these texts, emails, or watching TikToks on the treadmill to kill both at once.


Do you like working out with a partner/accountability friend, or are you a single rider?

HJ: I’m usually better as a single rider. I prefer to get up and get going in the morning, and not a lot of people like to do that.


What works best for you when it comes to balancing cardio and strength?

HJ: It helps to get the weights done in the morning so you get the hard stuff done right away. Then in the evening if you have time is when you get the cardio in. The key is to not make cardio a scary challenge. I just try to simplify it by having specific goals like walking 3 or 5 miles.


There sometimes can be a stigma surrounding men prioritizing wellness and self-care, but it’s so important. What have you found works best for you?

HJ: I think it’s super important to prioritize your self-care. That’s what’s going to make you look good, feel good and give you high energy. When you have good energy that’s going to transfer to the world around you. What works best for me is just making sure I get time every day to move my body in some way whether it’s putting in cardio, weight training, or even just taking a walk to get fresh air. Doing what makes me feel good helps me move toward my goals.


Walk us through your day-to-day diet.

HJ: Usually consists of waking up and hitting the gym on an empty stomach. I then usually have some salmon on bagels with 4 eggs. Later in the day, I then have some pre-cooked meals with chicken and veggies for lunch and likely the same for dinner. Super easy to prepare and high protein that fuels me. It works for me. Keeping things like turkey bites or bars on hand for snacks. Not looking to impress anyone with anything gourmet, just taking care of my health. If I go over my calories intake, I ramp up my water intake to keep my belly full and my mind happy.


What are some important traits you value in a partner?

HJ: To be honest, someone that is mentally stimulating. I love someone who has goals and dreams and endeavors to be stronger than they were last year. I think when it’s all said and done the most important thing is having someone who you connect with on a deeper level instead of purely physical. Someone that deep down you connect with and enjoy being around that inspires you to be the better version of yourself.


What’s next for you in 2022?

HJ: This year my team and I made a plan to do a movie or tv appearance every month. We’re right on track, if not doing a little better than we imagined. I enjoy creating content on social media, but my passion is being in front of the camera.

Also super excited about my podcast this year. It’s doing really well and I have had some amazing guests already and more still to come. More than anything I am excited to have everyone see me on screen again.

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