The Art of the Fail: Michael Strahan on the Super Bowl Loss That Shaped His Success

Michael Strahan attends ABC's 'Good Morning America'
Noam Galai / Getty Images

Michael Strahan, Super Bowl champ and host of ABC’s GMA Day, discusses the trial and error that motivated him to meet his full potential.



I remember after the Giants lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens, in 2001, sitting in the locker room and feeling like I couldn’t even face my family because I was such a failure.

But now I always tell people that had we won the Super Bowl that season—my eighth in the league—there’s no way I would have played the 15 years that I did or had a Hall of Fame career.

Losing motivated me to play longer and push harder until I did win a Super Bowl. But had we done it in 2001, I would have been too relaxed and lost some of my spirit to succeed. As much as that loss hurt, I learned to look at failure as a chance to grow and not feel like my worth is lost if I fall short. Because even if something doesn’t work out, I can trust that I’m still on the path to where I want to go.

This essay is part of our Art of the Fail series.

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