What Not to Post on Social Media if You Get Dumped, Fired, or Foolishly Hurt Yourself

Man with broken leg
Man with broken legizusek / Getty Images

It’s inevitable: You will drop the ball, lose the girl, and blow the deal. The trick is turning a screwup into a positive. Here’s what to post when shit hits the fan should you take to social media.



If you get dumped

Go dark for a month. That way, you won’t post some regrettable, melodramatic nonsense and can recoup with dignity.

If you get fired

Go politely but loudly. Own the fact that you’ve been let go, then share some successes from your tenure to help land your next gig.

If you foolishly injure yourself

Do not, under any circumstance, start a GoFundMe or KickStarter and ask people to help cover the medical bills.

This essay is part of our Art of the Fail series.

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