100 Coconuts Helps You distinguish What’s Real vs. What’s Fake

Tim UR

Not all coconut water is created equal, so be sure you’re getting high-quality, natural coconut water without any added sugars like 100 Coconuts Pure Coconut Water. 100 Coconuts has one ingredient—coconut water—sourced from non-GMO coconuts. It’s preservative-free coconut with no added sugars and is never from concentrate.

Boost your body with nutrients as you hydrate by swapping regular H2O for coconut water. Natural, lightly sweet, and loaded with potassium, coconut water is the perfect post workout drink to help you replace the electrolytes and sodium you lost during your workout. Several studies have explored the potential benefits of coconut water as a recovery drink and substitute for sugary sports drinks. Researchers have found that it is as hydrating as electrolyte-enhanced sports drinks with half the sugar (17g of sugar versus 34g). And it’s as effective at rehydrating post workout as water with the added benefit of containing sodium, potassium, and calcium—not to mention tasting great.

100 Pure Coconut Water
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