1800 Puts a Classic Tequila Back on Shelves


There are plenty of gifts to pick from for everybody on your list during the holiday season, but there’s always that one particular person who you really want to impress, but you just aren’t sure how. 

The answer is simple: if you’ve got some money (about $225 dollars) left after buying all the other presents, get them a bottle of really nice tequila. And by “really nice tequila,” a bottle of 1800’s Milenio does the trick very nicely. It’s limited, super-premium, and made from aged Fine Blue Weber Agave. You really can’t go wrong. 

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Difficult to find since 1800 first released it in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium, but now back on shelves, it would be easy to understand if somebody thought the dark amber gold contents inside the bottle came from Kentucky, not Jalisco, Mexico. Looking more like a bourbon than tequila, Milenio is aged for five years, then spends a quarter of a year in French oak cognac barrels, the resulting nose is tobacco and probably not too surprisingly, oak. But it’s the middle where this superb spirit gets interesting, with a kind of kick that you get from eating spicy Mexican food, the taste of chillies and peppers is noticeable, and really kicks up the oak flavor without kicking you in the teeth. The finish, however, is the most interesting, with a taste somewhere in the realm of licorice (but very mild, mind you) and pepper. That’s what makes me think that whether you buy this bottle as a gift or for yourself, this one will be pulled out to celebrate the end of some spectacular dinners. 

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