20 Whiskies in One Bottle: Meet Glenfiddich Project XX

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Experimental whisky programs are all the rage right now as brands compete to keep the ever-shrinking attention span of consumers. Glenfiddich’s answer is Project XX, which assembled 20 whisky experts from around the world and asked each one to select a special cask of whisky from Glenfiddich’s stocks. After they’d each chosen a cask, Master Distiller Brian Kinsman blended them together and allowed them to marry.

It’s hard not to talk about a project like this one as a symphony, especially when you have a room full of talents in need of some direction. Without that central command, you’d assume that a whisky ostensibly selected by 20 people would get a bit schizophrenic, and there’s an extent to which it is loud and at times a bit chaotic.

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But Kinsman has done a nice job making sure all the “voices” are, if nothing else, in harmony. Oak and vanilla and hints of fruit are the main theme, though different elements of each will pop up as you enjoy.

We’re not sure what the third project holds for Glenfiddich’s experimental line — 30 experts would probably be too many for a concept like this, and whisky by committee is the sort of hassle you don’t necessarily want to commit the hours to if you’re trying to keep new and exciting products coming out regularly. But with this bottle (at a surprising $80 price point) Glenfiddich Experimental Series is two for two, and deserves some shelf space of yours.

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