The 2016 Training Debate: Natural Sugar Vs. Artificial Sweeteners


With November just around the corner, nearly everything is up for debate. Everyone from fitness buffs to personal trainers has their own opinion on whether or not you should exercise on an empty stomach, squat below parallel, or follow a low-carb diet, just to name a few. 

Today’s great training debate? Natural sugar vs. artificial sweeteners. So we went to the authority on just about everything—our Twitter followers—to find out which option our readers think is the healthiest option. Their suggestions:


To be fair, we were a little surprised at the results of the survey. Maybe it’s because artificial sweeteners have a mixed reputation—science suggests that sucralose (aka Splenda) has been reportedly linked to cancer in male mice—but natural sugars are enjoying a resurgence after decades of “diet” everything.

Although the most recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend no more than 8 tablespoons of sugar per day, Manhattan-based nutritionist Mary Ellen Binghman often dishes out this advice: “Research is still so inconclusive. Pick your poison and limit it.”

Surprised by the results? Want to get informed?

For the complete lowdown on sweeteners, you can check out our handy guide to sweeteners, which covers everything from natural sugar to Splenda and Sweet N’ Low.

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