25 Best Tasting Protein Powders on the Market

Best Protein Powders

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Many Americans have discovered the numerous benefits of protein supplements. As a result, they are projected to spend over $32.5 billion on these products by 2028.

What Are the Benefits of Using Protein Powder Supplements?

Protein powders are excellent for muscle development, weight loss, and bone and joint support. However, some people have difficulty consuming them because they don’t always taste great.

The good news is that some delicious protein powders also offer phenomenal health benefits.

However, it is important to take protein powders correctly if you want to stay healthy and get the best results. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  •         You need to make sure that you take the correct dose. This is going to depend on your body weight and level of activity. You can find the amount of protein per serving in the nutritional label.
  •         You need to take protein powders at the right time for optimal effectiveness. Although you can take most protein powders at any time, one 2018 study shows that taking them with meals offers better results than taking them between meals.
  •         You need to make sure that you take the best supplements. One study shows that a lot of protein supplements have a lot of arsenic and lead.

The good news is that you can find quality supplements if you do your research. Some of them are great tasting, as well as offer great benefits.

Best Protein Powders on the Market

Some of the best-tasting protein powders are listed below.

Elm and Rye Protein Powder

Elm and Rye

Elm and Rye is a young health and wellness company founded in December 2020. However, it has already become one of the most popular supplement manufacturers due to its commitment to using pure, high-quality ingredients. The company has received excellent reviews from Discover Magazine, Forbes, Men’s Journal, and Los Angeles Magazine. 

Elm and Rye has a delicious protein supplement with vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream flavors. Customers can choose both a standard and vegan option. This protein blend includes a mushroom complex formulated for optimal brain function and BCAAs for muscle development. Every serving contains 20 g. of protein.

Penguin Protein Powder


Penguin is one of the most popular CBD brands. The company has received excellent reviews from Merry Jane, Rolling Stone, Maxim, and many other publishers. However, Penguin has also recently developed a delicious-tasting protein powder. Their protein powder has many amazing benefits that customers will appreciate. 

Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder


Dr. Andrew Abraham founded Orgain in 2009 to offer customers high-quality, organic nutritional shakes. One of the best products they sell is a line of organic protein powder made from vegan, dairy-free sources. Every serving contains 21 g. of protein. The formula is also made with 50 organic superfoods. This protein powder is free of lactose, dairy, soy and GMOs. It is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, iron, thiamine and other essential nutrients.

Ghost Whey Protein Powder

Ghost Whey

Ghost whey is a line of protein powders that use a premium blend of 100% whey protein. This protein blend also contains exceptional natural digestive enzymes. In addition to the quality proteins, it comes in many delicious flavors, such as cereal milk, peanut butter cereal milk, coffee ice cream, marshmallow cereal milk, fruity cereal milk, and cinnamon cereal milk.

FITCRUNCH Whey Protein Powder

FITCRUNCH is one of the most underappreciated health supplement companies on the market. This company has a line of delicious tri-blend whey protein powders that are perfect for people on a keto diet. This supplement was made with a recipe from chef Robert Irvine. It is made to taste like pumpkin pie with a hint of delicious spices. Every serving contains 25 g. of quality proteins and only three carbohydrates. It does not contain any soy or GMOs.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein with Double Rich Chocolate

Optimum Nutrition

This is an excellent-tasting protein powder by Optimum Nutrition. It is enriched with a wonderful double-rich chocolate flavor. In addition to the irresistible chocolate taste, it is an incredible source of quality protein. Every serving contains 24 g. of blended protein from a whey blend. Some protein powders are very heavy and can only be taken at meals. However, this powder is made with an anytime formula, so you can take it between meals or before exercising. The formula has also been tested for banned substances, so it won’t trigger any false positives for athletes.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

ascent native

Ascent is a protein supplement company that holds itself to the highest purity standards. They have a line of delicious-tasting whey protein isolate that is free of artificial ingredients. This whey protein powder comes in chocolate, lemon sorbet, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate peanut butter flavors. Every serving contains 25 g. of quality proteins and 5.7 g. of natural BCAAs. This protein powder is certified gluten-free and recognized for its commitment to ethical and sustainable production processes.

Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs has numerous delicious-tasting protein products. One of their most popular is a line of whey protein isolate powders. These protein powders come in a rich array of flavor options, including oatmeal chocolate chip, milk chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, mocha, cinnamon French toast, vanilla peanut butter, and french vanilla.

Anthony’s Premium Pea Protein

Anthony’s Premium Pea Protein is both vegan and paleo-friendly. It doesn’t contain any added flavors but still tastes great. Users can easily add this protein powder to protein bars, smoothies, yogurt, and other foods. This protein blend is also free of GMOs and gluten.      

KOS Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder

KOS Plant Protein

KOS has a delicious low-carb protein powder that is popular with people on the keto diet. This tasty blend is made with Himalayan salt, Peruvian cacao, munk fruit, and organic coconut milk. It also contains proteins from peas, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, quinoa, and Chia seed. This protein blend is rich in vital minerals and nutrients and contains 20 g. of protein in every serving. It is delicious in cold water, but you can mix it into a smoothie for an even tastier experience.  

Huge Whey

Huge Whey

Huge Whey is rated the best-tasting protein powder by Los Angeles Magazine. This product is made with chocolate peanut butter, vanilla milkshake, strawberry cheesecake, and cookies and cream flavors. The strawberry cheesecake flavor is rated the best, but they are all excellent tasting. Every serving has 23 g. of protein and five g. BCAAs.      

Levels 1% Whey Protein From Grass-Fed Sources

Levels Whey

Levels is a Florida-based company dedicated to creating clean nutritional products. They sell a delicious-tasting line of 100% whey protein powders. This powder comes in chocolate, cappuccino, chocolate mocha, chocolate peanut butter, double chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, vanilla cinnamon, and unflavored flavors. Every scoop contains 24 g. of quality proteins and 5.4 g. of branched-chain amino acids. This formula is free of sugar, hormones, GMOs, soy, gluten, bleach, fillers, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners.  

Naked Whey Vanilla Protein Powder

Naked Whey

Naked Whey is one of the most popular manufacturers of quality protein products. They have a line of delicious-tasting whey protein powders made with coconut sugar and popular flavors. You can choose an unflavored option, but this product is also sold in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. The only ingredients used are whey protein, organic coconut sugar, and the added flavor. There are no artificial sweeteners or colors. This protein powder is also GMO-free and soy and gluten-free.

RSP Truefit Protein Powder


RSP has a number of organic protein supplements. One of the most popular is a line of protein powders made from grass-fed whey protein. This supplement only comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, but they are both optimized for exceptional taste. In addition, every serving has 25 g. of ultra protein made from organic sources that don’t use hormones or antibiotics. 

BSN Syntha-6


BSN Syntha-6 is a delicious line of whey protein powders that comes in vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake batter, and chocolate peanut butter flavors. Every serving contains 22 g. of protein made from wheat protein isolate, weight protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, and a few other sources. It also contains between two and 3 g. of sugar, which varies depending on the flavor. This protein can be taken at any time of the day. 

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder

Garden of Life

Garden of Life is an organic supplement manufacturer built on the premise of using organic, traceable, and carbon-neutral ingredients and processes. They have a delicious line of certified vegan protein powders in chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chai and unflavored options. These protein powders contain 22 g. of protein and 4 g. of BCAAs in every scoop. They do not contain any sugar or GMOs in the formula. They are also filled with over 3 billion CFU of premium live probiotics and 13 different digestive enzymes. 

Granite Protein Powder

Granite Protein Powder

Granite Supplements has developed a delicious-tasting chocolate whey protein powder. This supplement derives proteins from five different sources. Every serving has 23 g. of protein.   

NOW Whey Protein Isolate

Now Sports

NOW Sports is a top-tier athletic protein product line that has been around since 1968. This company sells a line of whey protein isolate protein powders that have been extensively tested for quality. This product comes in vanilla and Dutch chocolate flavors, which have both received exceptional reviews from taste testers. This protein powder is also sold in some other flavors, but they are less creamy or rich tasting than the traditional options. Every serving contains 25 g. of protein. 

Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder  

Vega Sport

Founded by vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier in 2001, Vega is one of the top plant-based protein product manufacturers in the country. They have a line of premium vegan protein powders made with vegan ingredients. Every serving has 30 g. of protein and five g. of BCAAs. The proteins are made with pumpkin seed, pea and organic sunflower seed proteins. This protein powder comes in chocolate, peanut butter, mocha and vanilla flavors. However, the chocolate flavor is the most popular.

DYMATIZE ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder


If you love the taste of Reese‘s peanut butter cups, then this is the protein powder for you. This chocolate peanut butter protein powder has 25 g. of protein and 5.5 g. of BCAAs in every serving.

Nutricost Whey Protein Concentrate

Nutricost sells a protein concentrate in chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel strawberry milkshake, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. Many independent test tasters have stated that all flavors taste delicious. However, the salted caramel flavor is considered the best by many critics. Every serving contains 25 g. of gluten-free protein. This protein powder does not contain GMOs, and is made in GMP-compliant facilities registered with the FDA. There a few ingredients in this protein, so there is little risk of exposure to common allergens.          


Rule 1 Protein

Rule 1 Protein has a number of delicious-tasting protein supplements. One of their lines of protein powders is made from extremely pure 100% protein isolate. This protein powder comes in many delicious flavors, including café mocha, chocolate fudge, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, frozen banana, fruity cereal, lightly salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, strawberries and cream, vanilla, vanilla butter cake, and vanilla.

Rule 1

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