3 Basic Grilling Tips Every Guy Should Know


Grilling guru Adam Perry Lang serves up his three essential BBQ tips for mastering your backyard meat.

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1. Don’t Go Crazy Seasoning Your Meat

“When prepping burgers, never mix seasoning into the beef. When you do that, it leaks moisture and creates steam inside, which makes it hard to gauge temperature, and they usually end up overcooked.” So merely lay some on top. Lang’s go-to blend: Kosher salt, ground pepper, garlic salt, and cayenne pepper. 

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2. Know the Greatest Grill Meat There Is

“Short ribs are the ultimate cut of beef, and they’re nearly foolproof on the grill. They’ll take eight to nine hours to slow-cook on lower heat, but it’s worth the effort. These ribs are closer to the center of the animal, so they have one muscle instead of an intersection of muscles, like you find in a brisket. That means the perfect balance of fat, collagen, and protein.” 

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3. Don’t Buy Worthless “Fancy” Gadgets

“There are a lot of grilling gadgets on the market, but there’s not much you really need other than a good sturdy set of grilling tongs. Just make sure they’re spring-loaded and you’ll do great.” 

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