3 Nasty Side Effects of Diet Soda

Diet Soda
Jack Andersen/Getty Images

Diet soda, through advertising and groupthink, has managed to create the illusion that it’s healthy. But diet pop’s parable of positivity is quickly being proven wrong by scientists and nutritionists aplenty.

More and more, the general public is being made aware of the dangers of diet soda and three of the drink’s numerous drawbacks are as follows. 

1. Extra weight gain

Sucralose, a popular artificial sweetener used in soda, was found to promote fat production and inflammation after being consumed for less than two weeks.

2. Smaller brain volume

Diet soda drinkers have a smaller hippocampus—the part of the brain that processes learning and memory — a study on 4,000 subjects found.

3. Higher risk of stroke and dementia

The same study also found that people who drank at least one diet soft drink a day had three times the risk of experiencing strokes and dementia. 



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