3 Tips to Become a Pizza-Making Pro

3 Tips to Become a Pizza-Making Pro

Turns out, pizza can be healthy. We’ve proved that fact with these 4 healthy, delicious pizza recipes. Here’s some more good news: You don’t have to be Top Chef-worthy to whip these up post-workout, to impress a date, or on a random Wednesday night. These three tips can help you become a (healthy) pizza-making pro by dinner time.  

1) Store-bought pizza sauce can still be healthy (and honestly, very nearly as good as homemade). Just go organic, and check the jar to be sure it’s not loaded with sugar—excess sweeteners can lead to everything from type-2 diabetes to obesity. Put back on the shelf any jar of sauce (or marinade or dressing, for that matter) that contains corn syrup, sugar, or anything that ends in “ose.” If you want to go clean and fresh this year, update your pantry by cleaning out the sugar-processed foods and changing up that sauce! 

2) If you’re making your own tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, surprisingly, contain more lycopene—which has been shown to help prevent prostate cancer—than fresh tomatoes. 

3) While not an absolute essential for cooking, a pizza stone is every chef’s favorite way to achieve a crispy-crusted, evenly cooked, restaurant-style pizza right at home. 

A few brands to check out: 
Cuisinart Alfrescamore 13″ Pizza Grilling Stone • $20, cuisineart.com
Breville 13″ Pizza Stone • $30, brevilleusa.com
King Arthur Flour Baking Stone • $55, kingarthurflour.com


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